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Despite Old Couple's Will, Their Police Officer Son Wasted His Daughter's $30,000 Inheritance

Rita Kumar
Mar 23, 2022
12:00 A.M.
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The woman's dad bought new Mustangs, vacationed hard, and lived a king's life out of her money. But one fine day, she decided it was enough and turned to the internet for help.


When a family member steals from you, it could be such a difficult spot to be in. You could be torn between your love for them and holding them accountable. And what would you do if they turned out to be a cop?

21-year-old Redditor That-Raspberry-5768 found herself entangled in a similarly awful plight when her dad stole her inheritance and blew up the money on expensive RVs, extravagant holidays, and other luxuries. He lived a king's life, assuming she would keep quiet and watch.

OP's dad assumed she would watch him blow all her money & do nothing. | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) first gave readers a bit of back story on her estate. As it turned out, the legacy she received was given to her by her great grandparents, who passed away when she was 9.

They had left $30K each to OP, her brother, and their dad, who was a police officer. Their will also granted OP's dad authority over his children's money until they turned 25 when they could claim their respective shares.

OP predicted that her great grandparents probably assumed her dad would invest the money and boost its worth when she and her brother turned 25. But to anyone's horror, the problem sparked when the dad thought his children's money belonged to him.


OP's great grandparents had willed out $30K to her & her father thought he could spend it on himself. | Source: Pexels

The dad blew the money on new RVs, renovation, extravagant vacations, and house bills with each passing day while pocketing his $80K salary. Nobody could stop him, not even OP's mom and grandma. Seeing enough of this, OP prompted a conversation with her dad.


She found herself in a muddle if her case would even stand against him since he controlled her inheritance.

But every time she confronted him, the dad always tried putting her off, saying random things like "Your money is my money" and "It was never yours, to begin with…you didn't even know them that well."

At a certain point, OP's mom realized the urgency to save her children's future and immediately got the lawyers involved. Having sensed it could backfire and he could be charged for theft, OP's dad agreed to reimburse the money and started paying for her college. But a year later, OP realized it wasn't the most ideal way to get all her money back.


The dad lived a king's life out of OP's inheritance. | Source: Pexels

When OP entered her sophomore year, she predicted she could do more with the money by setting it up in investments. But for this, she still needed to get back the remaining $21K from her dad, who urged her to "trust" him with the repayment.


However, she felt something was still sketchy as he invested in new Mustangs and expensive holidays. OP worried that her dad would just drag paying her back until she turned 25 and retire without worrying about losing his job over this.

Heavily confused and unable to see things getting anywhere, OP asked Reddit's "Legal Advice" for validation if she still stood a chance to sue her father. "Could I sue for over $21k, closer to $50k for the interest that could have accrued in the time from 9 to 25 yrs old?" she doubtfully questioned.

OP asked the internet if she stood a chance to sue her dad over the money. | Source: Pexels


Redditor myogawa responded anonymously to OP's post, stressing she shouldn't allow more time to pass and immediately seek legal assistance.

"Check VSN (very soon now) with a lawyer in the state where your grandfather lived...If you act, this will get him into trouble. That is good. He should be in trouble," the person asserted.

User DisasterCoffee agreed likewise and advised OP to consult a lawyer specific to inheritance and estimate the options she might have. The person also speculated that OP's dad could have fraudulently blown her legacy and not invested it except on himself, adding:

"Ask the lawyer if there's a case and if they can help you force him to give you the money immediately."


A person speculated that OP's dad could've fraudulently swindled her money. | Source: Pexels

OP stressed that her dad always considered his career, friends, and money over his children. She found herself in a muddle if her case would even stand against him since he controlled her inheritance.


Although OP predicted she'd have to afford the case on her own, how far she'd navigated through her issue remains guesswork since OP has kept readers in the dark on what she did next.

OP admitted her dad always prioritized money over family. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

How would you react to the reality of your parents swindling you of your rightful inheritance?

OP's great grandparents had willed out an estate worth $90K split into three equal shares to OP, her brother, and their dad. OP was stunned when she realized her dad blew all her money to fund his lavish lifestyle and sought advice on taking legal action against him. How would you handle a similar plight? Would you go to any extent to make your parent repay the inheritance they swindled from you?

Would you seed the "your money is my money" policy with your children to claim your right on their inheritance?


When OP confronted her dad about her inheritance, he constantly told her he had the right to her money. Often, he condemned her, saying she didn't have a close relationship with her great grandparents and the money was never hers because of this. Would you subject your child to a similar situation and claim your rights on their legacy?

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