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Day by Day Students Mock Poor Girl on School Bus – Desperate, She Blackmails Driver to Help

Rita Kumar
Mar 26, 2022
12:00 A.M.
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The schoolgirl was extremely unsettled and intimidated by her bullies. One day, she realized her school bus driver was her last resort, and she played a little mind game, threatening him to help her.


Some of us likely have each come across our unfair share of people being unkind and hurtful. Often, we're compelled to decide if we would challenge their behavior or look beyond it because they're powerful and plenty in number.

Redditor ionTrapping ultimately stepped up for herself because she couldn't take any more of her bullies nagging her. Feeling powerless over them, the school girl resorted to her bus driver to get the issue sorted. However, the consequences of her measures left the chauffeur threatened.

Overpowered by her bullies day by day, OP threatened her driver to help her. | Source: Shutterstock


A person of Puerto Rican descent, the Original Poster (OP) was a diligent student with grades of flying colors. OP's calibers eventually landed her an internship in her senior year of school. This paved the way for her to do part-time work and study.

"… you'll regret it," OP angrily told the chauffer and left. The next day wasn't short of nightmarish for OP.

While everything seemed okay, OP had to deal with people's resentment over her family's poverty. She was branded a failure due to her family's impoverished state.

Fellow students who rode the same school bus with her envied her as they didn't get to work and study part-time like her. Eventually, their jealousy erupted into frustration, and they started venting at OP by harassing her day by day.


OP had to constantly deal with people's resentment just because she hailed from a poor background. | Source: Unsplash

OP patiently dealt with some ten plus bullies who left no stone unturned in intimidating her. They often hurled things at her, provoking her to fight. Meanwhile, the only adult in the bus—the driver—ignored everything.


Fearing the worse possibilities her bullies could come up with to irk her, OP and her dad met the chauffeur at his home. Since the guy owned the bus line, the two thought he would do something about the situation. But to their horror, he turned down their pleas.

The man's ignorance fueled OP's fears of getting injured by her bullies. The following day, she was in the middle of staying mum over their antics when she felt it was time to stop giving them the silent treatment.

One day, OP realized she could no longer stay quiet & watch her bullies annoy her. | Source: Unsplash


Out of desperation, she stormed to the driver, saying, "Tomorrow, if they continue bullying me and if you continue to not defend me, I will do something." She threatened him with the legal consequences of her actions. "… you'll regret it," OP angrily told the chauffer and left.

The next day wasn't short of nightmarish for OP. When her bullies hurled things at her again, the driver unexpectedly pulled over in the middle of the street. He fiercely looked at the students and yelled, "STOP THIS [expletive] NOW."

The driver unexpectedly halted the bus in the middle of the street & furiously looked at OP's bullies. | Source: Unsplash


He threatened to kick them out if they didn't obey. "You'll never find a ride to school, GODDAMMIT," the chauffer frustratingly shouted.  Luckily, it worked wonders for OP since then.

Recalling the incident on Reddit's "Petty Revenge" forum, OP said she was glad she sorted the issue herself without getting the cops and the FBI involved.

After reading her story, people applauded her for standing up for herself and not letting her bullies overpower her for long. Redditor thegloracle stated:

"Perfect example of how to make it someone else's problem, so now they HAVE to deal with it. Bravo!"


Following the incident, nobody bullied OP again. | Source: Pexels

"You made the bus driver rethink their position and what the consequences would be. Good for you," user dellaevaine proclaimed.


OP later admitted it was the first time she'd poised herself to do something like this and was glad she learned a lot from it.

"I didn't have any plan B, I was not going to do anything... I just used psychological warfare to defend myself," OP recounted, claiming she was still proud of the moment she stood up for herself.

People on Reddit applauded OP for making the bus driver rethink his position & jump in her favor. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

If you were the only adult in a crowd of bullies harassing someone, would you take any action against them?

Although OP's driver initially turned a deaf ear to her pleas to stand up against her bullies, he was compelled to do it when she threatened to bestow the legal outcome of her actions against her bullies since he was the only adult on the bus. What would you do if you were the adult here? Would you take a stand for the victim being bullied, or ignore everything and carry on with your work?

Why is it critical to take a stand for yourself when you're wronged?


In this story, OP was seemingly bullied for a long time, but she felt it was enough and stood up for herself against her bullies at some point. How would you sort similar issues with people who constantly nag you for no reason, and how differently would you tell them off?

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