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Grandfather Has to Sell Drawings on the Street So He Can Buy Some Milk for His Grandchildren

Dayna Remus
Mar 25, 2022
11:20 P.M.
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One elderly individual was doing everything he could to make sure his family went to bed with a full stomach. Unfortunately, one day he was struggling and began sobbing.


Many of us live relatively comfortable lives. We get back from work, make some supper or order takeout, and watch Netflix.

However, while stuck in our cocoon of coziness, we can easily forget that many individuals struggle to have something to eat or drink. 

[Left] Don Armando walking down the street; [Right] A drawing of Virgin Mary with Don Armando crying in the background. | Source: facebook.com/Hector Villanueva



Grandfather Don Armando, who resides in Guadeloupe, Mexico, has a knack for art. He uses this talent to provide necessities for his grandchildren, such as foodstuffs and milk. 

Armando referred to him as an "angel."

Of course, this job is difficult enough as it is without being an elderly individual. On one specific occasion, he was genuinely struggling to the point of tears -- he had not made enough money for his family.  



Fortunately for Armando, Hector Villanueva came across him. Taking to Facebook in January 2022, Villanueva shared the story of his interaction with the street artist, who was in dire need of milk for his grandkids that day. The Facebook user wrote:

"He sold me each drawing of the Virgin of Guadalupe for 20 pesos (about 4,000 Colombian pesos), and I gave him 100 (almost 20,000 pesos)."

He then explained that Armando referred to him as an "angel" as he sobbed over the man's kind and generous gesture.


Villanueva also asked fellow Facebook users to help this man who needed a better life. Numerous individuals responded in the affirmative. So far, the post has gathered 4100 reactions.

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Villanueva also included a picture and video in the post. The image was of him holding a gorgeous and colorful picture of the Virgin Mary that Armando had drawn. The older man could be seen crying too. 

The clip was also heartbreaking, with Armando walking away slowly into the distance, his cane in one hand and a shopping bag in the next - hopefully full of the milk he needed for his grandkids. 



This grandfather's actions clarify that one will do anything to help their family survive, no matter how old or, in "Little Mei's" case, young they are.

Sitting on the pavement of the city Zibo in China, this 10-year-old, affectionately known as Little Mei, sells sweet potatoes to help pay for her 2-year-old sister's chemotherapy for her leukemia


Her family has been struggling financially since her dad quit his job to help care for his sick daughter in the city of Jinan. Both parents moved there to do so, leaving Little Mei and her older sister behind. 

The girls' mother struggles with the guilt of not knowing when she will be able to return. On top of this, although proud of her child's efforts, she is incredibly sad to see her young daughter selling potatoes out in the cold. 

This grandfather and 10-year-old did all they could to provide and protect their families -- values we should all hope to embody if we ever find ourselves in similar situations.