Best Man Declares His Love to Bride during Wedding Right in Front of the Groom and Guests

Dayna Remus
Apr 01, 2022
08:00 A.M.

Wedding guests, the groom, and the blushing bride had no idea what to do after what they had just heard. What would come of this courageous, maybe foolish declaration of love? At that time, it seemed like the answer was nothing at all.


We all enjoy a good love story -- from friends to lovers, a forbidden romance, or a sudden declaration of love. It can be great to escape into an ideal reality.

But, how would these scripts play out in real life? Would everyone condone the behavior that is so glamourized by Hollywood movies?

[Main] Desiree and Bryant White at their wedding; [Inset] Bryant White giving a speech at a wedding. | Source: facebook.com/bryant.white.35

[Main] Desiree and Bryant White at their wedding; [Inset] Bryant White giving a speech at a wedding. | Source: facebook.com/bryant.white.35

Thirty-two-year-old Desiree White recently shared a TikTok clip about her love story. This video sparked an online battle over these exact questions – Is her story romantic or immoral?



White herself looked starry-eyed when revealing what happened. In the description, she wrote about what she and her husband do while looking back on their fairytale moment:

"We still make fun of him for it. [sic]"


A lot of people criticized her partner's actions. Others were taken in and wanted to know more. White decided to give them what they wanted. She shared the full and crazy story in a Part 1 clip.


In this mind-blowing video, the happy mother from Illinois said she, her then-future-husband, and their then-friend Bryant were all close friends.

She and Bryant got along very well, White said. But they were only friends, and she never thought of him as anything more than that.

Although close, White said she had no idea what the man she would marry was doing behind closed doors. However, Bryant did.



Then, in 2010, the wedding came around – and Bryant had too much to drink. Speaking about the crazy stunt he pulled at the ceremony, White said:

"In his words. 'It was like a click' because he said that he knew that nothing would ever happen, and I guess for him it was like 'Oh my gosh, this is it."

Bryant was not just drunk but also the best man. This can make for a funny speech - making fun of the groom and bride is the usual go-to.



But, what this groomsman said had her new husband and the 200 guests stunned. Trying to remember his exact words, White stated:

"And it goes along the lines of, 'I loved you since the moment I saw you. There's no one like you.'"

Of course, her online audience wasn't satisfied and wanted more. White obliged, revealing the even more unbelievable story following this incident.



White had moved on from this incident, thinking that her friend was just inebriated and lonely. In her Part 2 video, she spoke about life following the wedding as her marriage crumbled before her eyes over the first year.

She had become aware of her husband's unfaithful behavior, so the two divorced. White was grief-stricken, but Bryant was there every step of the way as the two grew closer over time.

One day, he kissed her out of nowhere, and surprisingly she liked it. Within a year, they got married and have been together for a decade with four kids.



Many loved the story she outlined in all her clips. But, some attacked the romantic assumption that what Bryant did at the wedding was romantic. Instead, they thought it was unethical. One person penned:

"Who needs an enemy when you gotta friend like that?"

Others also questioned why her husband didn't tell her about her ex-spouse's cheating ways a long time ago if he cared about her so much.



Among all the criticism, White seems not to care. Instead, her main focus is on the beautiful fairytale life she gets to lead. She expressed:

"When we were together, it was like nothing was hard to do anymore, knowing we had each other."

What do you think of this couple's story? Do you find it romantic, or are you more skeptical? Is all fair in love and war?

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