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Lady Visits Granny after Being Mocked for Pregnancy with Black Guy

Rita Kumar
Apr 08, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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When the woman announced her pregnancy, her family constantly insulted her. Their snide comments provoked her to the verge of revealing her late granny's grave secret that she promised not to disclose.


Pregnancy announcements can be a thrilling experience for some, but for Redditor shensjaja, it hit rock bottom when her family reacted to the news by saying "shady things" about her pregnancy. 

The mom-to-be was hurt and livid. She wondered if the time had FINALLY come for her to reveal her grandma's long-hidden family secret and shut their mouths. Confused about the consequences, she turned to Reddit's "AITA" sub for an insightful outlook.

When OP visited her grandma, she learned a shocking family secret. | Source: Flickr


The Original Poster (OP) was a white woman dealing with her beloved grandma's passing. Growing up, she was very close to her granny, so overcoming her loss was excruciating.

OP's granny made her swear not to disclose the secret to anyone and stir chaos in the family. But this is where OP's dilemma played out.

Before elaborating on her plight, OP first filled in readers with a bit of back story. She was dating her boyfriend of four years, and their relationship was smooth sailing. However, problems sparked when OP's family was visibly upset with her pregnancy with a man of color.

OP dated a man of color for four years & fell pregnant with his baby. | Source: Pexels


OP asserted that she hailed from a "narrow-minded family" who believed that "black people were okay but not okay to date or marry." Although they weren't being outwardly discriminatory, they were intolerant of OP's conception with her boyfriend.

So when OP announced her pregnancy, her family was distraught. They said shady things about her baby that hurt her.

Shortly after, she visited her grandmother and disclosed her sisters' belittling remarks about her pregnancy. OP's grandma nodded earnestly and let out a long sigh of despair before she started crying. OP ran to console her and had no idea what led her grandma to bawl uncontrollably.


A few minutes later, the granny grabbed OP and held her hands. Then she told her she would reveal a secret she'd kept from her family her entire life.

When OP revealed her pregnancy, her family was distraught. | Source: Unsplash


OP was shocked and baffled when her grandmother told her that she was half-black. It didn't add up because OP was raised to believe her granny was entirely white. Moreover, she looked white.

Surprisingly, the granny had biracial parents and was born to a woman of color and a white man. Her father's parents raised her after her parents skipped town.

Although she grew up aware of the truth, her grandparents insisted on concealing it since she passed for white and was raised in a highly biased area. She married OP's grandfather, who was a white man and later had blue-eyed, blonde-haired white children with him.

The truth finally dawned on OP as she realized her great-grandmother was a woman of color. OP's grandma warned her that nobody else knew about it but felt OP deserved to know because she could relate to what she's currently going through being pregnant. 


OP's granny made her swear not to disclose the secret to anyone and stir chaos in the family. But this is where OP's dilemma played out.

OP's granny was born to biracial parents. | Source: Pexels


OP's pregnancy had almost reached its full term, but the perspectives of her family regarding her unborn child never changed. They often said, "We'll finally have a black in the family," which agonized OP.

She wanted to vent it out and tell everyone, especially her sisters, that they had a relative of color and how inappropriate it sounded whenever they said such things. She wanted to see their faces after discovering that their beloved late grandma was biracial.

However, OP's subconscious never allowed her to do this because she didn't want to expose a secret her granny wanted to take to her grave and break her trust. She turned to random strangers on Reddit for a verdict on whether she would be wrong to reveal her granny's grave secret to prove her point.


Worried about breaking her grandma's trust, OP turned to Reddit for a resolution. | Source: Unsplash

The post's top-voted commenter philosophunc asserted that OP wasn't at fault and suggested an alternate idea she could incorporate to bring the truth to light: 


"Buy your family 23andme presents. Let them find out another way. Sorry to hear your family was small-minded and that your grandma had to go through that life."

As the discussion magnified, more people came forward and shared similar stories of how genetics turned the tables in their lives. "I kind of feel bad for her. My grandpa's test showed him around 20% Native American DNA, my mom got about 5%, and I got none of it," Redditor HowardAndMallory expressed.

The person claimed that although the kit confirmed their biological relationship with their grandpa, they never had Native American DNA in common.

People on Reddit shared their experiences with their biracial families. | Source: Pexels


Meanwhile, user rothase2 offered an alternative idea similar to the post's top commenter: "Next holiday, gift everyone on that side of the family Ancestry or 23&Me genetic tests and just sit back and wait."

Although OP responded that she would do the DNA testing, it's probably guesswork if she had done it as she hadn't updated her post yet.

However, when one of the commenters, Scunglesuck, asked OP what her "end game" was, OP revealed: "I just want them to stop being racist towards my baby." 

In the end, OP asserted that she wanted her family to stop discriminating her baby. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the truth about the granny's biracial ethnicity would stop OP's family from passing snide comments on her pregnancy?

Some Redditors suggested OP could bring the truth about her granny's biracial ethnicity to light by DNA-testing her family. Even OP agreed that she would do it. What do you think the resulting consequences would be once the truth came to light? Do you think it would finally put an end to the family's discrimination toward people of color? 

Would you reveal a beloved one's secret and break their trust to prove your point?


After constant criticism and comments from her family, OP wanted to reveal the truth and tell them that their granny was biracial and not entirely white. However, she was worried about doing it at the cost of her late granny's trust. What would you do if you were OP? Would you silently tolerate your family passing comments about your baby's ethnicity, or would you reveal your granny's grave secret and shut their mouths?

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