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After Birth of Second Child, Man Decides to Take a DNA Test on His First Kid behind Wife’s Back

Rita Kumar
Apr 13, 2022
08:30 P.M.
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When the man's son was born, he had minor doubts about the boy's paternity due to his darker skin tone. But two years later, he confirmed his speculations by taking a paternity test after seeing his newborn daughter. 


The internet raced to verbally thrash a 29-year-old dad after he admitted to getting a paternity test on his son over visible differences in their appearances.

While genetics can make a family, it wreaked havoc in Redditor throwRAbiologicalkid's case. Fellow Redditors weren't kind to him after he explained the reason that prompted him to subject his son to a secret DNA test behind his wife's back. 

The Original Poster (OP) is a white guy whose wife is a woman of color. Within a year of dating, the couple tied the knot after OP's partner, 30, fell pregnant. The couple was happy, but trouble sparked after OP noticed their newborn baby looked different. 


He assumed she would understand his point, considering how different their boy looked, but his revelation was good enough to shoot up her temper.

Initially, OP accepted the baby as his. But with each passing day, he couldn't help but notice that the little one's skin tone was darker than his mother's. 

While OP's thoughts were already muddled, his friends and family fueled his suspicions by asking him if he was sure the baby was his. But he decided to set his doubts aside and trust his wife. However, that changed after their daughter was born.

As time passed, OP grew suspicious of his son's paternity. | Source: Pexels


The couple welcomed their daughter two years later and this time, OP was confident the girl was his as she was his little blue-eyed replica. OP and his family bonded with the girl quickly because it was evident she was his. 

But that joy somehow took a toll on OP's relationship with his elder son. As time ticked, he grew distant from the boy and was convinced he wasn't his. Although he tried, he struggled to treat his two children equally as doubts surrounding his son's paternity haunted him day and night.

He resented his wife, suspecting she had betrayed him, and he had no intention of fathering someone else's child. As seeds of doubts bred in his mind, he could no longer battle in silence so he pursued a paternity test secretly.


OP could no longer hold back his doubts & took a secret paternity test on his son. | Source: Pexels

When the results came, OP realized genetics could be quite the mystery. The test proved the boy was his.  He was relieved and suddenly felt connected with his wife and kid.


But as a dramatic twist, OP dropped the ax on his feet after he confessed the truth to his wife. While discussing their third baby, he let it slip that he took a paternity test on their son.

He assumed she would understand his point, considering how different their boy looked, but his revelation was good enough to shoot up her temper. She asked him if he'd ever doubted their daughter's paternity, and when he said no, she lashed out at him, saying he was discriminatory. 

OP disagreed and argued that he never suspected his daughter's paternity because she looked whiter. But his wife was unmoved and condemned him for depriving his son of the love he needed. As a result, she decided to move out with their kids. OP thought she was overreacting and turned to Reddit's "AITA" sub for random opinions.


OP's wife was crushed when he confessed about DNA-testing their son. | Source: Pexels

Unsurprisingly, OP's plight was met with an overwhelming crowd of angry commenters who lashed out at him for equating fatherhood with genetics. The post's top-voted commenter, metaltiger1974, sided with OP's wife and explained the damage OP had caused by speculating things over appearance. 


"You not only did not trust your wife, you let your ignorance get in the way of you bonding with your child…Your son is going to need you," the user asserted.

While some stated it could've been a nightmare for OP's wife when she realized he had been avoiding his son due to differences in their appearance, others like Redditor Inksinger added:

"Instead of giving her the chance to prove herself to you, you waited until you could confront or present her with the truth. That's a coward's solution."

People on Reddit condemned OP for doubting his son's paternity based on his appearance. | Source: Pexels


Even after nearly two weeks of the incident, OP said his wife showed no signs of cooling down "She's just so furious with me for not trusting her and for, in her eyes, denying my son because he's dark," he stated.

OP admitted he didn't want to lose his family in the bargain. "I still took care of him. I don't understand why something like this is wrecking my marriage," he concluded

OP's wife couldn't get over what he did & it left a scar on their relationship. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

What would you do if your partner took a secret paternity test on your child?

When OP confessed to his wife about taking a paternity test on his son, she was livid and couldn't forgive him for suspecting her and their child. She decided to move out with her kids as his revelation placed immense stress on their marriage. How would you react if you discover your partner DNA-tested your child/children behind your back?

Would you consider getting a paternity test as OP did due to a discrepancy you observed in your child's skin tone?

OP entertained doubts about his son's paternity judging from his skin tone alone. Many condemned him for his actions and even his wife accused him of discrimination. If you were OP, would you have doubts too if your child registered a skin color darker than yours or your spouse's? Would you take a paternity test too?


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