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Before Major Surgery Veteran Gives Nurse a Badge Begging to Find and Bring His Best Friend – Story of the Day

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 03, 2022
01:30 P.M.
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A veteran soldier whose life had not been easy begged his nurse to help fulfill his most desired wish before a complex surgery. All the veteran wanted was to see his old-time friend again.


Annette had a regular day — grocery errands, a little bit of TV, and a good afternoon sleep. By evening, she took a walk in the park with her golden retriever. However, what started as a regular day immediately took an interesting turn.

While Annette was walking her dog, she came across a public notice attached to one of the trees. The young lady stopped to read and discovered it was an opening for job seekers to apply at a rehabilitation center. 

Annette got a job as a nurse at a rehabilitation center where she met Simon. | Source: Pexels


The job description indicated the workers would be caregivers for the guests. At the end of the ad, she found the phone number and address. "This would be a great way to give back to society," Anette thought to herself.

The young lady's heart was drawn to the thought that there were people out there who needed help going about their daily lives. She decided to give the rehab job a shot and pocketed the ad flier.

Seeing that her golden retriever had had a field day at the park, Annette headed home to rest. As she walked inside, she hung the dog's leash on some drawers, and it was at this point that the flier fell out. Having already forgotten about it, she was jolted back to her pact to help people in need. 


She made a beeline for the phone by the wall and dialed the number on the ad to make more inquiries. When the call connected, she heard the voice of a woman at the other end. However, she was taken aback by the manner with which the woman spoke in a raspy voice. 

"How may I help you?" the woman asked in a dismissive tone. Annette refused to be fazed as she stated her reason for the call.

"I came across the job ad from your establishment and I would like to apply. I'm calling to know if there are further requirements to bring along for the interview."

Seeing that her golden retriever had had a field day at the park, Annette headed home to rest. | Source: Pexels


"Well, girl, how old are you?" the attendant asked. Annette replied that she was 25 years old.  After a brief silence like she was pondering on considering the age, the woman asked in a mocking tone. "Girl, we do not want feeble hands here! I hope you are not scared of the shocking views about the rehab center."

Annette was even more perplexed by the exchange between her and the attendant, but she braced herself and answered that she wasn't bothered, despite not knowing what the woman meant.

The next day, she got up quickly, made some food for her dog, and was on her way to the rehab facility. When she arrived, she discovered from the signboard that it was a rehabilitation home for veteran military men who had been in hotspots. 


As the young woman walked in, she heard a familiar voice and quickly registered that it belonged to the woman on the phone the previous day. She walked briskly towards the voice and saw the woman speaking on the phone. 

Just like her booming voice, the woman had an overbearing demeanor and stature. Without proper introductions, she beckoned to Annette and immediately gave her a uniform to change into. This indicated that she was supposed to start immediately.

All the while, Annette could barely wrap her head around how the organization was run, but she did as she was told. She went into the locker room and quickly switched outfits. 


Annette was even more perplexed by the exchange between her and the attendant. | Source: Pexels

Annette was assigned to a room with a 45-year-old patient who seemed bizarre. As she got in, she saw him lying straight on the bed, with the sheets covering his legs. The young lady thought he was asleep, but as she shuffled around, he called out to her, asking for a glass of water. 


The middle-aged man introduced himself as Simon, and Annette returned the favor as she searched for some water. While she tried to find water, she caught Simon's eyes trailing her and noticed a mischievous glint.

He asked her to come closer to him, and it was at this point that he revealed a jug of water hidden under the covers. "I'm just trying to ruffle your feathers," he beamed. 

Annette chuckled and sat by Simon's bedside, hoping to get to know her naughty patient better. The two started talking, and after a few comfortable minutes, Simon asked to take a walk.

The new medical worker made for the door expecting her patient to get up and follow her. When she noticed there was no movement, she turned around and saw Simon lifting the covers to reveal his amputated limbs. She slightly gasped at the realization and turned red with embarrassment. 


"I… had no idea. I'm so sorry," she apologized profusely as her voice thickened with emotions. She walked over to the other side of the bed and helped Simon get into a wheelchair.

Annette was assigned to a room with a 45-year-old patient who seemed bizarre. | Source: Pexels


The awkward moment between them passed, and as they went around the facility, the conversation became pleasant again. The pair shared jokes while Annette wheeled Simon around.

At one point, the veteran man of war grew silent and had a pensive expression on his face. Annette could not help but get worried as she inquired what was wrong. 

"I have a big day ahead tomorrow," Simon began. "I'll be undergoing a tough surgical procedure and the doctors have revealed that I might not make it," he whispered.

"Oh, come on, you will be just fine. I understand that these surgical procedures can be quite bothersome, but I know you have a strong and healthy heart and you'll pull through," Annette said, trying to cheer him up. 


Simon could not be convinced. Instead, he informed her that he needed her help ahead of the surgery. He handed her a military tag and said, "I would love very much for my old pal to be with me again before I go in for the surgery. His name's Jesse and you can contact him through the US military hotline."

Annette was moved by Simon's request and the dire situation. She promised to help him reunite with his old friend before the surgery. 

As Annette and Simon went around the facility, the conversation became pleasant again after the awkward moment between them passed | Source: Pexels


When she got home, Annette quickly dialed the military hotline. There was a swift response as she requested for Jesse. She was directed to another military base, and when she got there the next day, she was surprised to see it was a shelter for military dogs. 

She spoke to those in charge, requesting to see a certain Jessie, who was Simon's pal. At the mention of Simon's name, the attendant became emotional, noting, "Simon and Jesse were one a kind. They worked together tirelessly during the demining of the territories. However, there was a terrible accident that almost took their lives."

Annette was deeply moved by the story, and she was even more determined to make sure the two friends saw each other again. The attendant announced that Jesse was on his way, and at that moment, a huge German shepherd was ushered in."


Annette, who earlier thought Jesse was either a military man or a dog handler, felt tears sting the back of her eyes at the realization that he was a dog. She requested to take Jesse with her, assuring the authorities that she could handle him because she had a big dog too. 

Anette was subsequently allowed to go with Jesse and she took him to work the next day. She knew there would be trouble if the rude woman at the entrance found out she had a dog with her. However, she was smart about it as she smuggled Jesse into Simon's room.

Anette was subsequently allowed to go with Jesse and she took him to work the next day | Source: Pexels


The reunion that happened before her eyes was too emotional that Annette did not hold back on the flow of tears. Jesse whelped enthusiastically as he ran towards Simon's bed and gave him a big hug. Simon burst into happy tears sweetly enjoying the one moment he always wished and prayed for. 

He continuously thanked Annette for helping him, and when it was getting closer to the time of surgery, he bade farewell to the dog. Annette was at a loss on what to do, but she reassured Simon that he and Jesse would be reunited once the surgery was done. 

She went on her way and returned Jesse to the military shelter. By late evening, she returned to the rehabilitation home, sure that Simon would be back in his room after the surgery. 


When she got there, she found two tags hanging by the headboard bearing Simon and Jesse's names, but Simon was nowhere to be found. Annette fell to her knees as she realized that Simon was no more.

From there, Annette vowed to adopt Jesse, and after a few weeks, she began processing papers to take him home. It did take Jesse some months to adjust to the new environment, but it was heart-melting to see him become comfortable with her golden retriever. 

After Simon passed on, Annette decided to adopt Jesse | Source: Pexels


What can we learn from this story?

  • The little things count: One might not always be able to offer the biggest of gifts, but it is always best to reach out to those in need when they call. 

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