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Devastated Couple Finds Out Baby Is Not Theirs, Have to Give It Away Moments after Birth

Lois Oladejo
May 02, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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Sometimes plans go awry, and one gets dejected. However, in some cases, there is a light waiting miraculously at the end of the tunnel. Such was the case for Carolyn and Sean Savage, who birthed a much-longed-for baby and had to give him away.


Sean and Carolyn Savage always wanted a big family, and they took active steps to fulfill their dream. Carolyn once recalled jokingly how her husband wanted nine kids, but they settled on four or five.

One of the steps taken by the Ohio couple to expand their family was freezing their embryos at an IVF clinic. They never imagined the decision to do so would bring unbearable and lifelong pain.

Carolyn Savage and her husband, Sean Savage. | Source: Minutes Australia



Back in 2009, Sean and Carolyn already had three children – teenage sons Drew and Ryan and little Mary Kate, who was born ten years after her brothers through IVF.

The then-mom-of-three thought it was time to try for another baby, also via IVF. They already had their embryos frozen, so it was only a matter of going in for the implantation and waiting for the results.

Ten days after the embryo was implanted, Carolyn and Sean got the good news they had waited for. The doting mom would have a fourth baby, but the story pretty much took a left turn from there.


Sean Savage carrying baby Logan in his arms. | Source: Minutes Australia

The couple's doctor called Sean, explaining that Carolyn had been implanted with the wrong embryo. The news tore through the Savages' home as they watched their long-desired wish slip from their fingers. Carolyn shared:


"We were put through something that nobody should ever be put through."

The embryo had belonged to another couple, Shannon and Paul Morell from Michigan. As the story goes, the two couples had their embryos kept in the same facility, and the discrepancy happened because Shannon's maiden name was Savage.

Logan's biological parents, Shannon and Paul Morell. | Source: Minutes Australia



Carolyn and her spouse felt at a loss on what to do. The only option left for Carolyn was to abort the embryo, but she did otherwise. The woman chose to keep the pregnancy, knowing she would give the baby to the Morells at birth.

When asked why she went through with it, risking her life for another person's baby, Carolyn shared that she felt for the Morells, knowing they would be desperate to know "their child was okay."

Carolyn stated that she could not have lived with herself if she and Sean chose to abort the child. The most heartrending part of it all for the Savages was the day of delivery. 


Baby Logan after birth. | Source: Minutes Australia

Carolyn carried the pregnancy to term until the baby named Logan was born, but she was not allowed to have some moments with him. Having birthed him, Carolyn felt some connection towards Logan. 


She recalled not wanting him to go but knew it would not have felt right. This was too much for Carolyn to deal with, but she kept her good faith. She shared the day the baby was born:

"I kissed him. I held him. I cried. But I also knew that our time was limited. Shannon and Paul were waiting in another room."

Carolyn Savage feeding baby Logan after birth. | Source: Minutes Australia


Sean also shared a reluctance to hand over the newborn to his parents when it was time. His voice thickened with emotions while narrating the painful experience, and tears rolled down his face.

The issues surrounding Logan's birth were far from over. Even as Carolyn safely delivered him via C-section, she began to hemorrhage. Luckily, doctors were able to get everything under control. 

Sean Savage using his hands to wipe his tears. | Source: Minutes Australia


A day after Logan's birth, he was brought back to Carolyn so that she could have some moments with him. She remembered holding him up to her body and having him curled up to her skin. 

That was the last time Carolyn had physical contact with the baby. She and Sean also talked about Logan's first birthday and how bad they felt for not being invited. However, they realized that it was out of their control.

Sean Savage handing over Logan to his biological mother. | Source: Minutes Australia



By the time she had Morell's kid, Carolyn's doctor had made her know her chances of falling pregnant again were as good as non-existent. So with that, she and her spouse did not bother about naturally conceiving. 

The couple then settled for surrogacy. Sean and Carolyn were once again in the news in 2011 when they announced that they had welcomed twin daughters via surrogacy. 


The couple became parents to the girls a few months before Logan turned two. In a statement shared with the public, Sean and his longtime wife announced:

"[We've] been so humbled by every good wish and blessings we've received from real friends like you. When shock and heartbreak came, you comforted. When we started to lose hope about expanding our family, you squeezed our hands in support and told us to not lose faith."

The then-new-mom reminisced about giving birth to Logan and referring to him as a gift. She further explained that she and her spouse were fortunate enough to find someone who helped carry their healthy twin daughters. 



When Carolyn welcomed her twin daughters, she was already in her early forties; fast forward to four years later, and she was way in her forties. However, her age ended up being a mere construct in the following events in her life. 

From trying to conceive naturally, undergoing IVF sessions, and then birthing another woman's child, Carolyn came full circle. But one day in 2014, her body felt different.

Carolyn took a pregnancy test, and the usual one-line indicating "not pregnant" had a different image. Instead of one, Carolyn saw two lines showing that she would be a mom again. 


She and her spouse earlier penned a book titled "Inconceivable" about their parenthood journey, but at last, their story took a positive turn. Carolyn was stunned beyond words, taking more minutes to register what had happened.

In an open letter published on Today, she marveled at the miracle that happened in her life. The mom-of-six was shocked she could get pregnant at 45 after being unable to conceive in her younger years. 


Carolyn indicated that she and her spouse had unprotected sex from the start of their marriage, but getting pregnant was much more than that. She penned:

"I didn't get pregnant that way. I needed drugs, ultrasounds, needles, blood work, petri dishes, doctors, surgery and truck-loads of money to conceive."

Carolyn recalled googling the odds with which the pregnancy would survive the first trimester and found out it was slim. She and her spouse decided not to dwell in it because they felt there was no hope that the fetus would survive.  


However, Carolyn's first trimester came and went, with her fetus growing stronger. At 25 weeks, she received a cell-free DNA study showing that they were having a baby boy. 

Carolyn and Sean Savages' story is a test of faith and a journey of endurance, but one thing the couple held on to is God's will. They proved that God knows what everyone deserves at appointed times, including miraculous interventions.


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