Man Claims to See God's Sign In Wife's Pregnant Photo after Nearly Losing Her during Childbirth

Ayesha Muhammad
May 10, 2022
08:40 A.M.

A man decided to take a picture of his pregnant wife before she left for the hospital. Astonishingly enough, he didn't know how that photograph would become reminiscent of the flabbergasting birth experience awaiting them as a couple.


Sometimes, people go through life-altering and soul-stirring experiences that might defy logical reasoning and rationality. But just because something is difficult to comprehend, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist altogether.

Miracles are called extraordinary occurrences so inexplicably astounding that they might change people's lives completely. Whether someone believes in them might be debatable, but some people say they've undergone miraculous events.



Today's story encapsulates a similar theme and sheds light on a couple's journey of parenthood, hope, renewal, and miracle. Brigette and Chris Honey were a happily married couple and parents to three adorable boys.

But in 2012, the couple's life changed most unexpectedly when they discovered a piece of happy news — they were pregnant again. Naturally, their hearts were filled with overwhelming love and joy, and they couldn't wait to complete their family.

However, unbeknownst to the Honeys, fate had an enormous surprise in store for them and an unforgettable experience that would continue to be etched in their minds and hearts.



The couple from Madison County, Alabama, thoroughly enjoyed the pregnancy period. Brigette gave birth to twins via c-section — a boy and a girl, whom they lovingly named Abby and Austin.

It turned out that it was Brigette's pre-delivery photo where she stood in the living room, with a flat-screen television in the background.

According to their father, the twins were perfectly normal and healthy, with Austin weighing eight pounds five ounces and Abby weighing six pounds one ounce. Chris also noted that the people in the nursery called Austin "ham-bone" and referred to Abby as "turkey."



The twins were doing absolutely fine, but there was someone whose life was at considerably high risk. It turned out that Brigette's body had begun to attack itself during birth — something that nobody had expected. Regarding the harrowing experience, Chris recounted:

"I went down to the second floor and there was a nurse that met me. She asked if I was Mr. Honey and said I need you to step in this room and as soon as I walked in that room my heart dropped."

What did Chris see when he walked into the room that shook him to the core and left him at a loss for words? As was expected, his wife's life was in jeopardy, which instantaneously turned his happiness into shock and worry.



The doctors informed Chris that Brigette had suffered an amniotic fluid embolism, a condition that is said to be expected during one in 80,000 births. In an amniotic fluid embolism, the amniotic fluid gets into the mother's bloodstream, leading to a severe and often fatal reaction. The survival rate is said to be only 20 percent in such a condition.

Unfortunately, Brigette had experienced internal bleeding, and her blood pressure and heart rate dropped to dangerously low levels. Resultantly, the doctors performed two emergency surgeries. Chris recalled:

"She struggled to stay alive all night long. They were pumping her full of blood."



Chris's world was turned topsy-turvy in a matter of seconds. He wanted to celebrate the joy of becoming a parent with his beloved wife, but seeing her fight for her life left him in shambles. Was there something he could do to rectify the situation?

Afraid that his twins would never get a chance to know and meet their mom, the heartbroken father turned to Facebook and started a call for prayer, hoping that it would help bring about a miracle. Surprisingly, the response was overwhelming. He remembered:

"We put it on Facebook and complete strangers, I have no clue who they are, were just saying how special the family is and we just kept them updated and the amount of support was just unreal."



As people worldwide joined the Honey family in prayer, something incredibly astounding happened. Against all odds, Brigette's condition began improving gradually. She didn't just make it through; her remarkable recovery baffled the medical staff.

Later on, Chris revisited a collection of pictures he had clicked before things took a heart-wrenchingly terrifying turn. When he reached one photo, he couldn't help staring at it. What was so special about that particular photograph?

It turned out that it was Brigette's pre-delivery photo where she stood in the living room, with a flat-screen television in the background. After the life-threatening hospital experience, the picture had a new meaning for the Honeys.



What one might consider white light reflecting from a stagnant TV screen became something far more for the Madison County family. According to Chris, the halo of light around his wife's head meant she was in God's protection.

Chris shared he clicked the picture before Brigette left for the hospital. He posted it on their Facebook page, "Brigette Honey Prayer Page," on November 18, 2012. The caption read:

"My miracle angle!! Look around her head in the pic. This is the morning we left for the hospital, the man above was already with us (sic)!!!!"


Whether the halo around Brigette's head was simply a flash or a miraculous sign from above, still, the harrowing episode changed the Honey family's life in ways they had never thought possible.

At one point, Chris was highly terrified as he worried his wife would not be able to make it. He felt for his children and thought his twins would never grow up to know their mother. But then, the seemingly complex and nearly impossible became beautifully possible.

Chris and Brigette's story teaches us that just when we're on the brink of losing hope and giving up, the solution to our problem might be around the corner. If this story touched your heart, please share it with your family and friends.

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