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New Mom Gets Dumped by Baby's Dad Hours after Giving Birth, Finds Out He Ran off with Her Mom

Ayesha Muhammad
Jun 01, 2022
12:40 A.M.

When a woman left for the hospital to deliver her second child, she had no idea that her life would change drastically. Only hours after embracing motherhood again, she received a piece of heartbreaking news that turned her world upside down.


Betrayal is always painful, but it becomes almost unbearable when it comes from the people we love and trust the most. Perhaps that's why people might fall apart most unexpectedly when they experience betrayal and heartache from a family member instead of a stranger.

Sadly, a woman underwent something similar when the person who meant the world to her broke her heart into a million pieces. She was left utterly shocked and speechless after the harrowing experience.



Jess Aldridge met Ryan Shelton online, and shortly afterward, the two began dating and entered into a relationship. Before being pregnant with their first child, she worked as a housekeeper at a Premier Inn in Chipping Norton, Oxon, England.

In September 2019, Jess left her housekeeping job and became a full-time mom after giving birth to her baby girl, Georgiana. A year later, the couple discovered that they were expecting their second child together.



It was then that Jess decided to move back in with her family and live in a support bubble with her mother, Georgina Aldridge, and her father, Eric Aldridge, in their home in Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, England. Regarding her decision, Jess shared:

"We went to live with my mum and dad after mum said she would help with the childcare. She promised it would be easier with the new baby but ­actually it was very, very tough."

The woman recalled spending several months in the house with her mother during the lockdown period. But to Jess's dismay, the supposedly perfect arrangement proved anything but helpful, and she said she noticed something deeply upsetting.



Jess recounted that she felt highly uncomfortable seeing her mom and partner being chummy. She added that Georgina and Shelton flirted in the kitchen while sipping Bacardi, and they laughed and joked together while Jess and Eric sat on the sofa watching TV.

A neighbor, who reportedly dated Shelton before he met Jess, called him a "serial womanizer."


The young woman said she had a feeling something was going on between her mother and her boyfriend for months, but a part of her didn't want to believe it. She also described:

"Once, I caught Ryan touching my mum’s bum — and he just said he was trying to get her to move out of his way."

But that wasn't all. Jess explained that Georgina, who was in her early forties at the time, wore short and revealing dresses and tried to get all "touchy-feely" with Shelton.


Jess revealed that when she tried confronting Georgina and Shelton, they both shrugged it off and said it was nothing. But she said she wasn't convinced. Jess also added:

"They always insisted there wasn’t anything between them but I always suspected they were up to something."


On January 28, 2021, Jess welcomed her second baby, a son named Reuben, via C-section at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Meanwhile, her young sister, Carolena, took care of her oldest daughter, Georgiana.


The new mother recalled she was still in the process of celebrating little Reuben's arrival when she received a message from Shelton only hours later. Per the text, he claimed he was tired of being accused of having an affair with Jess's mom.

The then-24-year-old Jess shared that Shelton only saw Reuben for a few minutes after he was born and came to see his son again the next day while also making arrangements to collect his belongings.


The mom-of-two didn't know then that her children's father and her mom were moving into a new home in another county. Jess said she was discharged from the hospital on January 30, and she came home to find that Georgina and Shelton had moved out.


The new mother said that Shelton continued to deny that anything was happening for a few days. They finally admitted they were in a relationship and broke the news on Facebook. Jess also recalled:

"It was a huge kick in the teeth. They had been planning it throughout my pregnancy."

Jess explained how they made excuses to spend time together while she was pregnant and left her at home. She termed their behavior as "disgusting and vile." Georgina, a nursing home worker, was married once before and had been with Eric for 12 years before they married in 2018.



Jess recollected that a few weeks before she welcomed Reuben, Georgina told her she wanted to leave Eric, but she never thought the betrayal would involve Shelton. Moreover, when Jess confronted her mom, she shrugged it off and replied:

"We can't help who we fall in love with."

Georgina was reportedly blunt about the matter and told The Sun, "These things happen." Per Jess, her children's father and their grandma received backlash from family and friends on social media after making their relationship public.



The young woman said she took her kids and returned to the two-bedroom rented home she used to share with Shelton in Willersey, Gloucestershire. The aggrieved mother also expressed:

"They've just been so selfish. How am I supposed to explain to everyone that the kids' dad and their gran are in a relationship?"

The 45-year-old grandma became the internet's most maligned viral villain after her alleged affair with Shelton, 30, who became known as the "worst dad ever."



When the father-of-two was asked to comment on the incident, he responded:

"I don't care what everyone thinks, I am in love with Georgina and I don't care who knows about it. Other people's opinions don't bother me at all. I know what's happened."

A family friend revealed that Georgina's husband, Eric, was devastated, having only renewed their marriage vows two years ago to show their continued commitment to each other.



Jess's sister, Emma, added that her dad was in deep grief and shock after his wife's betrayal. Meanwhile, Jess told The Sun:

"The day after I found out she split up with my dad who has taken it really badly. He's devastated. This was going on for six months behind my back."

A neighbor, who reportedly dated Shelton before he met Jess, called him a "serial womanizer." According to Jess, neither her mom nor her partner apologized, and instead, they chose to hurt her and her entire family.


As is clear from this story, sometimes, even the people close to our hearts can stick a knife in our backs and leave wounds that might never heal. What are your thoughts after reading this story?

Was the new father justified in leaving his partner and their children and running away with his mother-in-law? If you liked reading this story, please share it with your family and friends.

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