Mother Gives Birth to a Breathless Baby, Her Husband Sees It and Begins to Pray

Brittany Chalmers
Jun 10, 2022
09:30 A.M.

When a pregnant woman started to feel sick, she was rushed in for an emergency C-section. Things went from bad to worse, and doctors feared the baby wouldn't survive.


Welcoming a new life into the world is always a miracle, but sadly, many mothers struggle during childbirth. Thanks to medical advances, doctors can do their best to save babies who experience complications.

For one mother from Sherman, Texas, the unthinkable happened during the birth of her fifth child. The couple was excited to welcome their son, but their story quickly became any parent's worst nightmare.

Hannah Sheriff. | Source: YouTube.com/700 Club Interactive

Hannah Sheriff. | Source: YouTube.com/700 Club Interactive


Jacob and Hannah Sheriff couldn't wait to meet baby Urias in 2018. However, during Hannah's labor, she felt like she was about to faint, and the medical staff knew something was off.


The infant went into distress, and doctors rushed to get him out of the womb. Dr. Kinion Whittington, Hannah's OB-GYN physician, shared that it was an all-hands-on-deck moment and a big-time emergency.


Hannah lost lots of blood, and things did not look good for her or the baby. Husband Jacob became fearful when he saw his infant for the first time and realized there were no signs of life. The newborn was silent, and the father was devastated. He expressed:


"And then I see him come out and he doesn’t look like … I mean, he’s dead."


The child had no pulse, and CPR wasn't working, so Jacob relied on his faith in God. He asked friends and family to pray for their baby boy because he wasn't breathing. Dr. Whittington stated:

"After about 10 minutes if you don’t have a fetal heart rate, it’s just a futile effort."

The medical personnel continued the CPR for 20 minutes, hoping for any sign of life. Miraculously, they got a pulse, but doctors shared that irreversible damage had already been done.



The baby and his dad were airlifted to Texas Health Presbyterian, and they started to lose the infant during the flight. Due to a lack of oxygen, he was struggling, and doctors believed there would be "delays in development" if he survived.

The couple was grateful their son fought hard to stay alive, but they were heartbroken to hear the doctor's prognosis. The staff predicted baby Urias would never be able to talk, walk or feed himself.



The couple also discovered that 40% of the patients experiencing similar health conditions as Urias didn't make it. However, they decided to place their trust in God.

Jacob told their doctors: "My wife and I are people of faith. We have a lot of people praying for him, and I think my son is going to surprise you." But it wasn't easy, and they felt as if they were being dealt "one punch after another."


The couple used social media to rally people to pray for their son, and their posts quickly gained traction. In a group called "Pray For Baby Urias," users shared encouragement and prayer for the infant.


Not long after, the family started to experience inexplicable phenomena. When night nurse Latricia Bell checked on Urias, she revealed that the baby's eyes opened.

The small sign of life was significant and urged the family to keep on believing Urias would recover. Nurse Bell said she felt warmth in the hospital room, adding:


"I looked at the monitors, and there were no more seizures. That was the end of it. You hear about miracles, but God let me see that one."

Urias continued to get stronger, and in time he started breathing on his own. It took three weeks for him to be released from the hospital, and to everyone's amazement, the newborn met his baby milestones.


When Urias's parents received the neurologist's report after about one year, they were nervous. However, the doctor's words confirmed that a miracle had taken place. The doctor shared:


"I’ve only had a couple of other cases where people have made a full recovery, and I’m just telling you, he’s one of them."

Urias's life is a constant encouragement to friends and family. The thriving youngster has a fighting spirit and will undoubtedly continue to inspire others with his story.

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