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Widower Gets $1 Bill as Change and Sees Late Wife's Name Written on It

Salwa Nadeem
Jun 10, 2022
12:00 P.M.
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A man took his granddaughter for lunch and gave her money to buy sandwiches. When she returned, she handed him the change, not knowing that one of the $1 bills had her late grandmother's signature. The old man was shocked to see a sign from his wife of 50 years.


They say when you marry someone, choose the person who will love you even when your hair turns grey. It's not uncommon to see elderly couples walking on the streets while holding hands and caring for each other as young couples do.

Most people want their love stories to last decades, but it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to do that. The man in today's story married in the 60s and stayed with his beloved wife until her last breath. After her demise, he was surprised to find her signature on a bill he received from a sandwich shop.

Peter Bilello. | Source: youtube.com/WTNH News8



In 1964, Peter Bilello's life took a different turn when his mother told him about a girl, Grace, who she thought would be an excellent match for him. The then 35-year-old Peter was initially hesitant but later accepted his mother's suggestion.

Peter and Grace tied the knot in Italy and soon moved to Connecticut, where they spent the rest of their lives together. The couple had two children and later became grandparents to four kids.

After their kids grew up and were busy in their lives, Peter and Grace only spent time with each other. They cared for each other, building a solid bond that most people wished to have. Everything was going well in their lives until the day Grace fell ill in 2001.


Peter Bilello talks about his life in an interview. | Source: youtube.com/WTNH News8


Doctors ran multiple tests on Grace after knowing about her symptoms and informed her that she had cancer. The news shocked the couple, but Peter was hopeful his wife would recover soon.


After undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, Grace was declared cancer-free. Peter was happy to see his wife recover. But he didn't know then that his wife's cancer would soon return.

Out of nowhere, Peter came up with the idea that both he and Grace should sign a $1 bill that he would keep in his wallet forever.

Three years later, Grace fell ill again, and the doctors suggested undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Going through the same painful procedure was terrifying, but Grace didn't give up.

Peter Bilello recalls his past. | Source: youtube.com/WTNH News8



Peter stood by his wife's side and motivated her to fight cancer. He believed she would come back victorious once again. Peter recalled how he supported Grace during her tough times:

"She goes to chemo, I sit down next to her. And coming home, she lay down on the couch, she's very sick after the chemo, and [I] do all the work in the house."

The man did everything he could to make his wife feel comfortable. He felt terrible seeing her getting weak day by day. In 2009, he came up with a fun idea to cheer her up.

Peter Bilello talks about his past. | Source: youtube.com/WTNH News8



Out of nowhere, Peter came up with the idea that both he and Grace should sign a $1 bill that he would keep in his wallet forever. He took out two $1 bills and gave one to his wife so she could sign it. He recounted:

"I told my wife, 'I'm going to sign one on the front: Peter B. I want you to sign one, too, for Grace B..'"

After implementing his wild idea, Peter kept those two bills in his wallet for a year until he accidentally spent them. He said he didn't remember where he used them but felt devastated because he didn't want to lose them at any cost.


Peter Bilello talks about his idea. | Source: youtube.com/WTNH News8


Soon after celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2014, Grace passed away, leaving her childhood lover alone in this world. It wasn't easy to accept the truth, but Peter was glad he stayed with Grace until her last breath. He said:


"Anything she said, I would take care. Doctors, hospitals. I was with my wife all the time."

Peter believed his support was why his wife lived for 13 years despite having cancer. A year later, Peter received a surprise when he went to get lunch with his 14-year-old granddaughter, Ashley.

Peter Bilello visits the cemetery. | Source: youtube.com/WTNH News8



In 2015, Peter took Ashley to a sandwich shop for lunch and gave her a $10 bill. A few minutes later, she returned three $1 bills as change. While counting the change, Peter spotted familiar handwriting on the second bill.

Tears started to roll down his cheeks when he saw "Grace B." written on the $1 bill. Ashley also started crying after looking at her grandmother's name. Peter said:

"We were so happy to get the dollar back. I never thought I'd get that dollar back."



Peter felt the dollar bill returned because Grace wanted him to be happy. It reminded him of the good times they had spent during the fifty years of their married life.

After getting the precious dollar bill back, Peter went to the cemetery and showed it to his wife, telling her how happy he was to finally have the bill back in his hands.

Peter and Grace's story proves that true love never dies. Even after Grace passed away, she was still alive in Peter's memories, who loved her the most.

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