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Woman Gets Slammed for Offering Parents a Manicure for Their Babies

Rita Kumar
Jun 18, 2022
03:00 P.M.
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A daring woman posted pictures of a baby girl's nails on Facebook, advertising for a "cheap" baby manicure. Furious parents exploded online and mercilessly bashed her after seeing the terrifying photos.


The world was busy dealing with its general course of events until a woman startled internet users with a handful of photos of a woman holding a baby's manicured hand. Pictures of babies are supposed to be adorable, and it's a universal fact., but these ended up wreaking havoc on this woman.

She was dragged to high heaven and blasted online after advertising for a baby manicure. Parents and shocked internet users worldwide just freaked out after seeing the baby's sharp stiletto nails, which sparked an outrageous reaction.



On March 25, 2021, Facebook user Nelliamo Maphanga – Koeberger advertised an offer of cheap baby manicure services. To promote the advertisement, she posted photos of a woman holding a baby's hand, featuring the infant's freaky, long nails.

"I'm going to call child services...I can't imagine equipping my daughter with claws."

The post included an image gallery of the baby girl's manicured nails donning a variety of long, sharp claw-like talons. Understandably, people who saw the post were utterly horrified.



"I can do your babies' nails. Kindly DM for info. Cheap rates," Koeberger had captioned. In no time, her talon-like baby manicure idea was thrown into a bad light, with people flocking from all over to blast her.

Facebook user Lauren Thomas was one of the first few to lash out at Koeberger immediately. Fearing the dangerous scenarios for the baby with such pointy nails, Thomas wrote:

"First of all, baby is gonna poke their eyes out. Scratch their self up…What in the actual [expletive] is wrong with you as a human being? Like this has to be a joke, right? Tell me it's a joke. [sic]"



Commenters kept scrolling down to input their furious feedback. Soon, Keoberger's attempt at fame skyrocketed to the extreme negative side. "I'm going to call child services," user Dovic Channing Messeur stated.

Meanwhile, some people like Jessica Kathleen were assured that the entire post was a blatant joke. Responding to Lauren Thomas's comment, Kathleen added:

"Lauren Thomas, it's clearly a joke, lol. [Expletive], you can't see the photoshop? Chill out. No normal mother would actually get their infants' nails done."



People kept flocking to Koeberger's post to see the horrific pictures and share their negative thoughts. The poster saw no end to receiving the sudden outburst of angry commenters.

While several users shared different opinions about the post, Kayleigh Carter felt it wasn't amusing. "Nelliamo Maphanga - Koeberger, do you really think this is funny? Even though it is Photoshop. It isn't funny,' she blasted.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Arkadiy Sloboda, who seemingly observed the pictures of the baby's manicured nails, surmised it could've been photoshopped. "Same hand and pic every time, same lighting and angle. Impossible," the user added.



Soon enough, the disturbing pictures made their way to other platforms, and the roasting didn't stop. The disgust and concern some Facebook users shared on Koeberger's post were widely discussed on different mediums.

"Baby nails are sharp enough as is. I can't imagine equipping my daughter with claws. Hard pass," wrote another.

As the debate around Keoberger's manicure post heated up, more people shared their concerns about the baby, prompting the original poster to finally come up with another shocking confession in the comments section of her post.



"This is highly dangerous. Babies often times will poke themselves in the eyes or face, and even without nails, they'll leave scratch marks. This is straight-up stupid and will only harm the baby further," another commenter expressed.

On the other hand, Twitterati just freaked out after the image gallery started making the rounds online. "What if the baby pokes its eye?" questioned user PattyArquette in response to another person who tweeted the photos.

Meanwhile, the heated responses Keoberger amassed from all sides on her Facebook post finally pushed the woman to admit the truth.


"IT IS A JOKE. Stop swearing at me‼️🤬🙄🛑🚫" she wrote. Despite her telling the world that it was banter, people on the internet never stopped trashing her. With over 20,000 reactions, 32,000 comments, and 104,000 shares, Keoberger's post remained in the bad light for a long time!

What are your thoughts about the pictures above? Do you think parents should allow their babies to sport such ludicrously long, sharp nails? How would you react if you encountered a baby with such a manicure?

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