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Grieving Groom Marries Late Fiancée at Her Funeral to Fulfill Her Last Wish

Ayesha Muhammad
Jun 19, 2022
11:20 A.M.

In a tragic turn of events, a man lost the love of his life before they could tie the knot. Then, he learned that his beloved had been planning their dream wedding right up until her death and decided to realize her last wish in the most heart-touching way.


No matter how strong we are, nothing can fully prepare us for coping with the irreparable loss of a loved one. Over time, the pain might subside a little, but the void they leave behind stays unchanged and can never be filled.

Grief and trauma can change people most unexpectedly. For some, reminiscing golden memories is a way to honor their loved ones. For others, things might be far more complicated than they seem on the surface. The man in today's story battled indescribable feelings when an unspeakable tragedy turned his world upside down.



In a world marked by sheer chaos, fear, and uncertainty, love has the power to warm our hearts and make life beautiful and worthwhile. Something similar happened to Xu Shinan and Yang Liu when their paths crossed at a university in China.

The pair felt an undeniable attraction and hit it off well. They got to know each other through long conversations on the internet and eventually fell in love in August 2007. In fact, Shinan and Liu were so smitten with each other that they decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

Six years later, they got engaged. In August 2013, the couple registered their marriage and immediately began preparing for their wedding. Everything was picture-perfect for the love birds when something unexpected happened three months later.



One day, Liu started to feel severe pain in her chest and immediately told Shinan, who took her to the hospital. The doctors examined her and revealed something incredibly shocking and heart-wrenching.

The shop owner was said to be so deeply moved by the couple's story that he offered him any dress in his shop for the price of just one Yuan (11 pence).

After several tests and check-ups, Liu was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2014. The couple put their marriage plans on hold while she underwent multiple surgeries and grueling rounds of chemotherapy.



Shinan noted how his lovely fiancée endured the pain with a smile on her face and never cried. Liu documented her chemotherapy journey through her account on Twitter-like Weibo, hoping to inspire and motivate other cancer patients.

In 2017, her condition improved, and the couple began saving money to buy a flat and resume their wedding preparations. Sadly, their plans and dreams were tarnished when Liu's cancer returned a year later, even before they could hold their nuptials.

A fearful Shinan took his bride-to-be to several hospitals around China in hopes of finding the best possible treatment. He recalled:

"We went across the nation, seeking medical advice while traveling. It was a happy year after all."



But unfortunately, Liu's condition worsened in May 2019, and she had to be hospitalized in Dalian, China. Per Shinan, his beloved suffered from a series of complications and became bed-bound in July.

The fragile bride-to-be had to be put in a coma on October 6 after sustaining severe bone fractures caused by sneezing. A week later, she succumbed to her illness. 34-year-old Liu died on October 14, 2019, after a five-and-a-half-year battle with cancer. About losing his fiancée, the heartbroken man expressed:

"She couldn't even recognize me in the end and we didn't bid farewell."



After Liu's death, Shinan said he stumbled upon her online shopping cart and discovered that she had been choosing wedding dresses before she was hospitalized. Something tugged at his heartstrings as it dawned on him that it was his fiancée's heartfelt wish to walk down the aisle. He recounted:

"I promised to buy her the most beautiful wedding gown."

Only a day after Liu's death, Shinan made good on his promise and bought his fiancée a gorgeous white gown. The shop owner was said to be so deeply moved by the couple's story that he offered him any dress in his shop for the price of just one Yuan (11 pence).



Soon afterward, 35-year-old Shinan organized a wedding ceremony, where his deceased partner of 12 years was dressed in a white bridal gown and surrounded by 169 bouquets of pink roses. The devastated groom hoped the ceremony would realize Liu's dying wish of being a bride. He told his bride:

"All that I can do is to fulfil your wish and letting you wear a wedding dress fulfils my wish."



According to Dalian Evening News, Shinan stood by his deceased bride and read the wedding vows in the special ceremony in the Dalian funeral parlor in eastern China. The couple's family and friends also witnessed the memorable occasion. Shinan also said:

"Wife, please don't worry! For me, the rest of my life will be in pain, but I will not give up."

A pair of wedding rings placed on a pink bow. | Source: Pexels

A pair of wedding rings placed on a pink bow. | Source: Pexels


Shinan was also said to have stayed beside Yang's body every day for seven days since her death, which is folklore in China to pay respect to the deceased. The teary-eyed groom further revealed:

"My wife used to say that nobody was allowed to cry should she die. I was holding back my tears on the day, but when [her body] was sent for cremation, I couldn't fight it anymore."

Undoubtedly, the heartbroken man not only kept his promise to his fiancée but also eternalized their love, which is profoundly heart-touching. What are your thoughts on this story? Please share it with your family and friends to honor this lovely couple's heartfelt sentiments for each other.

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