Dying Elderly Man Begs to Be Sent an Angel to Save Him, Sees a Little Boy Seconds Later

Brittany Chalmers
Jun 30, 2022
02:30 A.M.

Young children can be courageous, and sometimes their sheer bravery surprises elders. One little boy became a hero and an answer to someone's prayer, and the moment changed their lives forever.


People find themselves in dangerous situations in the blink of an eye every day, and often they need a helping hand to survive. Thankfully, heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and one youngster from Sumter, South Carolina, proved it.

An older man was fixing his Mustang convertible when the unthinkable happened. He needed urgent assistance and almost gave up. However, he had a special guardian angel nearby.

Malachi Coffey. | Source: facebook.com/FOX 28 Columbus

Malachi Coffey. | Source: facebook.com/FOX 28 Columbus


When Allen Clemmons decided to work on his car in 2018, he never knew he was risking his life. While trying to remove the transmission, the car slid off the jack and blocks and almost crushed him.


He was pinned down by the heavy vehicle and couldn't get out. Clemmons said:

"I was asking God to help me and asked him to take care of my family because I knew I didn’t have a chance. I gave up. He gave me that last breath to holler because I was getting ready to shut my eyes."

Clemmons watched his life flash before his eyes and struggled to breathe. He was trapped under the car for an hour and a half and tried calling for help. However, nobody heard him because his family wasn't home — he needed a miracle.

A black Mustang convertible. | Source: facebook.com/FOX 28 Columbus

A black Mustang convertible. | Source: facebook.com/FOX 28 Columbus


Clemmons gave one final shout, almost sure he was about to die. He also prayed, asking God to send him an angel. To his surprise, an unlikely hero came running to his yard.


Clemmons was stunned by Malachi's bravery and revealed that the boy didn't wait for help but saved the day alone.

Malachi Coffey had been playing nearby when something caught his attention. The youngster shared that he heard someone yelling like they were "stuck" and needed assistance.

Malachi arrived on the scene and quickly realized Clemmons needed immediate assistance. While many other nine-year-olds would have run to get help, little Malachi was different.

Malachi Coffey. | Source: facebook.com/FOX 28 Columbus

Malachi Coffey. | Source: facebook.com/FOX 28 Columbus


The boy's uncle had taught him how to work with a jack, so he grabbed the machinery and started pumping the two-foot pole. Despite his small size, Malachi raised the car enough to offer the man much-needed relief. Clemmons said:


"That little boy showed up. You don’t know what a relief it was for him to jack it up and pull me from underneath that car."

The youngster quickly called his aunt to get more help, and a tow truck arrived to pull Clemmons out from under the car, after which he was taken to Palmetto Health in Columbia.

Allen Clemmons. | Source: facebook.com/FOX 28 Columbus

Allen Clemmons. | Source: facebook.com/FOX 28 Columbus


Clemmons was treated for six broken ribs and a fractured pelvis. He also injured his shoulder but was grateful to be alive. He expressed:

"I don't think I would have survived another 30 minutes. It was getting really hard to breathe. He is truly my guardian angel."


Clemmons needed extensive physical therapy, but he was said to have made a complete recovery. A special guest visited him a few days after he was admitted to the hospital.


Little Malachi couldn't wait to give his new friend a big hug, and the moment brought Clemmons to tears. The older man couldn't hide his emotions and said he was delighted to see the youngster.

He added that when he saw Malachi come through the hospital doors, it was "a blessing" to meet him and thank someone so little for giving him a second chance at life.


Clemmons was stunned by Malachi's bravery and revealed that the boy didn't wait for help but saved the day alone. The older man said that he would have somebody with him if he ever worked on his car again in the future.


Clemmons and Malachi would be friends for life, and the boy's mom, April Coffey, sang her son's praises. She noted that he was always the one that kept his cool and never panicked under challenging situations.

She stated: "He's the one keeping his head," and noted that Malachi always knew what to do and acted accordingly. Malachi also wanted to share one lesson with the rest of the world.


He hoped his actions would encourage others to help people no matter how big or small they were because "it's the right thing to do."


The youngster was honored by the Sumter County Sheriff's Office and praised for his bravery and heroism. Sheriff Anthony Dennis gave Malachi a plaque and revealed that he was their Honorary Employee of the Month and an Honorary Deputy.

Indeed, Malachi's bravery and heroism prove that guardian angels come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes, even youngsters can save the day and inspire people, especially elders. Please share this story with your family and friends.

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