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Gay Couple Is Given 24 Hours to Adopt Girl with Health Risks – They Agree as She Needs to Be Loved No Matter What

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 27, 2022
07:55 A.M.
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A gay couple had been dreaming about becoming parents for a while. When they received news about a potential baby up for adoption, they initially had mixed emotions. Read their story and find out why.


Many couples want to start a family. For some people, adoption provides the perfect opportunity to give a child a loving home while filling a much-desired longing in their hearts. There is a lot to consider when it comes to adoption.

Hopeful moms and dads often have to wait months or even years before finding a match. However, one couple didn't have to wait too long. They were on vacation in Canada when they got a life-changing phone call.



Richard Kocher and Brian Roth were in love and knew they had lots of affection to share. They wanted to be dads and opted for adoption, happy to help one of the many needy children waiting to find a forever home.

The couple dreamed about seeing their baby girl play sports and graduate from high school. They asked friends, family, and doctors for advice and eventually came to a profound realization.

They were surprised when their adoption agency contacted them after only three months. They never expected to receive an answer so quickly, and the biggest shock was still coming.



While they ate at a sushi restaurant in 2014, their phone rang, and the news would set their lives on a new trajectory. A mom had selected them as adoptive parents for her newborn baby girl. However, there was something else to consider.

Kocher and Roth discovered their baby girl had a high possibility of being born with health issues, including intellectual or physical disabilities. The development caught them off guard. Kocher shared:

"We had many questions: could we parent a child who would require more dedicated time, devotion and care? Would we be enough for her? How would this change our original dreams for parenthood?"



The baby was due in two short weeks, and they were given 24 hours to decide. With many questions running through their minds, the couple decided to do some skiing before coming to an answer.

They had taken a vacation to clear their minds and had the perfect chance to consider the adoption. The couple thought about what they might be giving up because of their child's probable condition.



The couple dreamed about seeing their baby girl play sports and graduate from high school. They asked friends, family, and doctors for advice and eventually came to a profound realization. Kocher said:

"Adoption was about what was best for the child, not about the parent’s dreams and fantasizes. The truth of the matter was, this little girl was going to need parents who would love her no matter what."

They reached the adoption agency at the beginning of 2015 and told them they wanted to adopt the baby girl. They knew it wouldn't be easy, but they were ready for any challenges.



The couple would never leave their newborn no matter what, and after making that promise, they couldn't wait to meet her. Their lives changed forever when Baby M was born, a tiny but otherwise perfectly healthy girl.

The couple still had many fears, but after numerous doctor's visits, they were stunned and delighted that their baby was healthy. Kocher shared:

"We came back from the hospital in state of shock, delight, and some healthy fear. At every subsequent Doctor’s visit – she presented as a completely healthy, average, albeit, tiny baby girl."



The dads were proud of themselves for taking the leap and deciding to adopt regardless of the circumstances. The couple was eager to take their child on ski trips and couldn't wait to start making memories as a family of three.

Kocher and Roth devoted themselves to the little girl and showcased true love and great parenting. While many hopeful parents would've waited for another opportunity with less risk, they were different. Proud dad Kocher added:

"We still go back to the same Canadian ski resort every year as a family. A ski lift is where my husband and I committed ourselves to becoming a family ... We’re riding up that same mountain together."


Every family has a different story, but love is the one thing that holds them together. The dads' dedication to their baby girl was inspiring, and their experience highlighted the beauty of adoption.

What do you think about their decision to adopt, knowing the baby might be unwell? Please share this with others considering adoption or anyone needing a feel-good story.

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