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Single Dad Andy Cohen Buys 'Unique' Home after Having Baby at 53 — Fans Wonder If It's Proper for 2 Kids

Daniella Segell
Aug 18, 2022
10:40 A.M.

After Andy Cohen split up with his ex-boyfriend, Clifton Dassuncao, in 2018, his life took a significant turn. The couple had been together for a long time, and it took Cohen a while to adjust. He started thinking about what could make his life whole.


Cohen and Dassuncao confirmed their relationship in 2016 and seemed to be on the right track for a long time. Cohen even mentioned that he would like to get married. However, their relationship ended two years after they confirmed it.

The couple, who had a 19-year age gap, kept their relationship private most of the time and even broke up quietly. Cohen confirmed the breakup news in 2018 only after he was asked whether or not he and Dassuncao were still dating.

Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" Episode 18 137. August 10, 2021 | Source: Getty Images

Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" Episode 18 137. August 10, 2021 | Source: Getty Images

Cohen appeared on "Entertainment Tonight," where he was asked if his relationship had ended; Cohen replied:

"Yes, I am single again."


Following his breakup with Dassuncao, Cohen decided that he was going to become a father. It was something he had always wanted, and he said that in 2017 he lived his life to the fullest because he knew he wanted to settle down.

The breakup brought up many emotions for Cohen, and one thing that was clear to him was that he did not want to wait any longer to become a father. The "Watch What Happens Live!" show host said he wasn't afraid to do it alone.


Cohen confessed that as a gay man, he believed that he would not be able to have a family for a large portion of his life. However, as he got older, he realized how many options he had to welcome a child into his life.


He shared that he decided the year he turned 50 that then was the time he wanted to become a father, and he wasted no time pursuing this desire. Although he had split with Dassuncao, Cohen still forged ahead.

The star said that he enjoyed being alone, and it would take someone extraordinary coming along to convince him that they could do it together. He then said:

"And that person could be having coffee down the street at this moment, and I'll meet him soon."


After exploring all his options, Cohen finally welcomed his first child after he turned 50. In late 2018, Cohen announced on live television that he was expected to welcome a child via surrogate in early 2019.


While he bid viewers goodnight by saying "Happy Holidays," he reminded them that he would see them on New Year's Eve in Times Square on CNN as usual. It was here that he chose to announce the gender of his baby.

Anderson Cooper and Cohen stood together in Times Square for the broadcast, and Cooper asked Cohen if he would like to announce the gender of his baby, to which Cohen replied:

"It's a boy! And I gotta tell you something; I cannot wait to meet this boy."

Andy and Benjamin Allen Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live @Home With Andy Cohen"  Episode 17 160. October 7, 2020  | Source: Getty Images

Andy and Benjamin Allen Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live @Home With Andy Cohen" Episode 17 160. October 7, 2020 | Source: Getty Images

After his baby boy was born, Cohen shared all about his son's birth. He revealed that he was in the delivery room with his surrogate and even cut the umbilical cord when the baby was born. After the doctors had checked the baby and cleaned him off, they brought him back to Cohen for skin-to-skin contact.


Cohen shared that his son, Benjamin Allen Cohen, was relatively alert for the first two hours of his life and was extremely calm. He also said that his surrogate was terrific, and he was forever indebted to her for giving him the gift of life.

The star said raising his son was easy for him because Benjamin is a cheerful child and has many women around him who help and support him in raising his son. He then shared that he takes it day by day.


When talking about being a single father later in life, he shared his feelings about trying to relax, saying:

"I think also having a kid later in life is really fun because you do sweat stuff, [but] I'm trying to be as laid back as I possibly can."

On keeping a work/life balance, Cohen said that he was in and out of his home all day because he worked so much, but every time he went home, he could see his child, which he appreciated.


He also said that he got to spend time with his son at night because he only had to leave to film his show after his son went to bed. He bonds with his son whenever he gets the chance in between his busy schedule.


This year, at 53 years old, Cohen welcomed his second child. Cohen welcomed his daughter, Lucy, in early 2022 and revealed that Lucy and Benjamin are biological siblings and look identical.


When asked how he felt about having two children, Cohen said that although he was tired, he was happy and taking everything one day at a time. He also said that he had to keep reminding Benjamin to be gentle with his little sister.

Cohen did not use the same surrogate for Lucy and Benjamin but still described them as biological siblings as he is the biological father of both children. He also said that he was excited to give Benjamin a sibling.

Recently, Cohen celebrated the three-month-old milestone with his daughter. With this milestone comes many changes for the infant and their family. At three months, babies become much more active.


At the three-month mark, babies usually begin to coo with vowel sounds, adding consonants only later. They will also start to grab and shake things and throw them while developing their dexterity.

Another exciting development around the three-month mark is that a baby can recognize their family better. They will also follow you around the room with their eyes as you move.


In early August 2022, Cohen bought himself and his children a prewar duplex penthouse. The home is situated in Manhatten's West Village. The home includes 2000 square feet of outdoor space. The beamed ceilings are 10 feet high on the bottom floor and 14 feet high on the top floor.


The penthouse comprises three bedrooms and four bathrooms. There is also a solarium, a wrap terrace, and a kitchen with French doors open onto the terrace. While it is ample space, reports say it needs a lot of work.

The penthouse is situated in the highest building in the West Village and therefore has stunning views of the city from every room in the home. The home also transitions seamlessly from indoor to outdoor spaces.

While Cohen has already bought the home, his fans have had a lot to say about his choice of residence. Many believe this is not the ideal home in which to raise his young children.


One Twitter user said that all they could see was all the babyproofing that would need to be done in the house before Cohen moved in with his children and another user agreed with this sentiment.

Another Twitter user said that they liked Cohen's old apartment better than the one he had just purchased. Once again, another user agreed with this but said he had to get a bigger place as he now had two children.

Among all the fans criticizing Cohen on his choice of home for him and his family, some users were happy for him. One user simply said:

"Beautiful! Lucky family for sure!"

We wish Cohen and his beautiful children nothing but many happy memories and beautiful times together in their new home.

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