Shayne Edwards Jr. | Kristin Marie and Shayne Edwards Jr. | Source: facebook.com/kristin.thacker.9 | facebook.com/10TampaBay
Shayne Edwards Jr. | Kristin Marie and Shayne Edwards Jr. | Source: facebook.com/kristin.thacker.9 | facebook.com/10TampaBay

Ohio Boy Is Found Killed in His Own Bed When His Mom Comes to Wake Him Up

Ayesha Muhammad
Sep 15, 2022
11:00 A.M.

Nothing can be more devastating for a parent than seeing their children in harm's way. Sadly, a mother lived her worst possible nightmare when she went to wake up her sweet boy one morning but wasn't greeted with his bright and beautiful smile. What could have gone wrong?


A parent's love is pure, selfless, unconditional, and never-ending, but it's also sacrificial. The genuine and unwavering affection and care children receive from their parents has no parallel because it's truly one-of-a-kind. Moreover, parents wouldn't think twice before jeopardizing their lives to ensure their kids' safety.

But despite their best efforts, there can be instances when parents might find themselves utterly helpless and broken — a nerve-wracking scenario that is hard to picture and nearly impossible to endure. The woman in today's story experienced a similar dilemma one day that turned her life topsy-turvy.


A Lovely Boy

Shayne Edwards Jr. lived with his family in Elyria, Lorain County, Ohio. Unlike most children his age, he enjoyed going to school and looked forward to spending time with his teachers and classmates. He was a high school student at Elyria High School.

Shayne had his whole future ahead of him and had just started high school as a freshman.

Always Smiling

Shayne's mother, Kristin Marie, described her son as a great kid who loved his two sisters and brother and always brought a smile to everyone's face. There was certainly never a dull day around the lively and vibrant boy who knew how to make people laugh and cheer them up.


His uncle, David Axford, shared that Shayne always wore a bright and infectious smile on his face and cherished familial connections. The young man was never afraid to confess his love for his devoted mother and lovely siblings.

In addition to valuing his loved ones and enjoying school, Shayne was extremely fond of playing video games. According to Marie, her son's favorite video game was Fortnite. His family and friends deeply cherished his company and hoped to see him accomplish his goals and dreams.

The Morning that Changed Everything


Little did they know that fate had something incredibly heartbreaking in store for them. In the early morning hours of Monday, September 12, 2022, Marie woke up and went to her son's room, expecting to be greeted by his warm smile as usual.

But the Ohio mother's world came crashing when she found her boy unresponsive. The Elyria police officers later confirmed that they arrived at a house on Third Street around 5 a.m. and found that a teenage boy had been killed in his own bed.

Later, the teenager was identified as 14-year-old Shayne by his family, whose life was reportedly cut short due to a drive-by bullet while asleep. The youngster was callously taken away from his dear ones in the most heart-shattering and unexpected turn of events.


Gone Too Soon

Shayne had his whole future ahead of him and had just started high school as a freshman. He was an ambitious and kind-hearted boy who was deeply loved by his family and friends. Nobody was ready to deal with his sudden and soul-crushing absence.

Police Chief William Pelkom revealed that there was evidence of gunshots toward the late teenager's home. He said there were at least five people in the house at the time of the shooting, and it couldn't be determined if the youngster was the intended target.


An Unimaginable Tragedy

The heart-wrenching news of young Shayne's tragic death devastated his family and friends. Even the Elyria neighborhood was crushed and shared the grief of the late boy's loved ones.

A family friend who wished to stay anonymous on camera said she would never forget Shayne. She revealed:

"[Shayne] loved his family unconditionally. And it's unfortunate that this happened, especially around our neighborhood. You know, we see it, sometimes [from] far away, and it doesn't hit [us] as hard."


The Devastated Mother

A grief-stricken Marie penned an emotional post on social media, where she noted that her heart was broken and her body was numb following the devastating incident.

The distraught mom stated that her children were her whole world and her baby boy didn't deserve what he endured. She wrote:

"When I wake up tomorrow, my son will only be here in the Spirit. No more hearing his laugh. No more feeling his hugs. No more 'I love you mom.'"


Supporting the Family

Shayne's uncle, Axford, created a crowdfunding page to cover his nephew's funeral expenses and support the grieving family in their challenging time. He also added:

"Any donation you can give will go towards Shayne's services and helping with family expenses."


As of September 15, more than $10,600 have been raised on the GoFundMe account, surpassing the $10,000 goal.

The late youngster's family also extended gratitude to all the people who supported them in their difficult period. A Facebook post by Michael Johnson read:

"It saddens me to have to write this post, because it's something you never imagine having to do. Our families are so appreciative of the support and outreach we have received."

"Not Normal"


Elyria Mayor Frank Whitfield held a press conference where he offered heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and also expressed:

"This is not normal, and I think it's important that we don't treat is at such. This is a 14-year-old boy who was shot and killed. This is not normal, and like many of you, I'm not only grieving, but I'm angry."

Contact Information

A superintendent from Elyria City Schools shared that the institution was shocked and heartbroken after learning about the tragic death of one of their pupils. They also sent love and support to the late teenager's family and friends in their time of sheer pain and loss.

The Elyria police and detectives are actively investigating the incident and looking for the shooter. They are reportedly treating the case as a possible homicide. People with any information on the case are requested to contact Detective Wise at 440-326-1212 or jwise@cityofelyria.org.


Moreover, they can also remain anonymous and text on 847411. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the sweet boy's family, especially his mother, as they process their grief and navigate life amid the darkness and despair.

Rest in eternal peace, dear Shayne. Now you are in God's loving embrace.


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