Jinger Duggar | Felicity Nicole Vuolo | Source:  instagram.com/jingervuolo  instagram.com/jeremy_vuolo
Jinger Duggar | Felicity Nicole Vuolo | Source: instagram.com/jingervuolo instagram.com/jeremy_vuolo

Felicity Nicole Vuolo Stars in Mom's Pics Yet Fans Have Complaints

Milla Sigaba
Jan 24, 2023
05:15 A.M.

Felicity Nicole Vuolo's parents used to take to social media regularly to share pictures of their daughter after she was born. But after deciding to shield her face from the public eye, fans criticized their decision and speculated something might be wrong with their child.


Felicity was born on July 19, 2018, to former "19 Kids and Counting" star Jinger Duggar and former pro soccer player Jeremy Vuolo. Before her birth, Felicity's parents shared their anticipation of meeting their daughter on social media.

When the day arrived, the couple shared that they gave birth to a healthy baby via their website, and Jinger documented her pregnancy and life with a newborn. But slowly, the posts began to decrease, and once fans noticed, they began to share their divided opinions.


Felicity Nicole Vuolo's Mother Deviated from Family Tradition for Her Birth

Before Felicity's birth, her mother shared that she did not feel comfortable upholding the women in her family's tradition of home births. Felicity's grandmother and some of her aunts had long labors during their homebirths, and her mother revealed that it some not an option she was comfortable with. Jinger said:

"My mom and quite a few of my sisters have done home births, and for me, I don't feel comfortable with it. I think I feel safer being in a birth center where they have a lot more things that you would need for care and also being closer to a really good hospital."


Her family's reality TV show on TLC showed her mother and father heading to the hospital to induce labor after opting for a natural birth. Several hours later, Felicity was born."We are so in love with this little doll," her mother said.

Felicity's Appearance on Her Mom's Instagram Started to Decrease as She Got Older

In August 2019, Felicity's mother posted a snap of her enjoying an afternoon snack in the sun in a red outfit and a blue headband. The photo raked in over 50, 000 likes at the time of writing, as fans took to Jinger's comments section to compliment Felicity.


That same month, Felicity's mother shared a picture of her happy family of three in a heartfelt post dedicated to her father. The married couple smiled into the camera in the photo as Felicity's doting father holds her in his arms. In the caption, Junger wrote:

"God has been so kind in giving me the most incredible husband in the world. I don't have enough words to describe how much I love & adore him."

In March 2021, Jinger and Felicity enjoyed a mommy-daughter shopping date in California. While Felicity had her back turned towards the camera, the snap caught her mother wearing a beaming smile as she crouched down in front of her daughter and gripped a gray shopping bag.


However, as Felicity grew older, she frequented her mother's page less and less. And when Jinger did share pictures of her daughter, her face was concealed.


In May 2020, Felicity's mother shared tips and tricks for busy parents on keeping their children occupied and posted a picture from the back of her and Felicity playing the piano. In the Instagram post, her mother revealed that Felicity burned a few hours a day by going for walks and enjoying coloring in sessions.

In September 2020, Jinger revealed that part of Felicity's nighttime routine was asking her parents for a peek out the window to see the moon. The Instagram post also did not show Felicity's face as she held up blinds to gaze out a window.


In early 2021, Jinger posted a picture of Felicity strolling down the street and shared that she had started teaching her daughter Christian hymns. She said:

"I have been teaching Felicity this beloved hymn, 'This is My Father's World.' It's a beautiful reminder to me that God has created all things and that He reigns over all."

In 2022, after her sister was born, Felicity's mother shared a video of her and her sister holding hands and walking through a crowd of people. Jinger captioned the post "Sisters," and one user wrote, "I'm tired of seeing only the (girls') backs."

In another Instagram post in honor of Felicity's third birthday, more fans shared their thoughts about not being able to see her face. "This picture is so lame," one person wrote," What's the point of taking a pic in which you can't see the faces? Might as well not even bother."


Another person said, "I know you don't know owe us an explanation, but I'd sure love to know why we can't see the kids. I hope nothing crazy happened."

Felicity's Mother Wanted Her To Grow up with Privacy

In 20210, Felicity's mother answered her fans' questions on social media about why she no longer showed her daughters' faces and revealed that it was to afford them more privacy. She said:

"You haven't seen much of them simply because we are wanting to give them a bit more privacy while they're so young."


More of Jinger's fans supported her decision, as one person wrote, "...I don't blame you for keeping their faces out of the cameras." Another shared, "I'm so sorry that people feel the need to scrutinize everything you choose to post."

The Decision Once Backfired and Sparked Speculations among Fans

Although some of her family's fans supported Felicity's parents' choice to conceal her face, some social media users insinuated that she and her sister might have a medical condition. One person wrote, "Maybe she has a disability, that's why she isn't showing her face...."

Another person wrote, "Is something wrong with the new baby, or why no photos? Down syndrome?" Despite the crude remarks, Felicity's parents did not address any of the speculations, and her family has continued with their lives.

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