Woman is sick of constantly dyeing her gray hair. Then her barber makes an unexpected change

The woman was tired of putting lots of chemicals on her hair so she took a very drastic measure. 

As a person grows older, it’s only natural for gray hair to slowly pop out of the scalp. Some people tend to keep them at bay by dyeing their hair on a monthly basis, while there are some who just go with the flow and let them grow freely.

41-year-old Kerry Grundhoefer had been dyeing her hair for as long as she can remember. As soon as gray strands started to show on her hair, she immediately started putting various chemicals on her locks to cover them up.

Newsner shared that, once and for all, she had gotten tired of keeping up with her persistently exposing gray hair.For a decade, Grundhoefer tried to cover her gray hair by using different chemical products and some of them were really harmful.

She revealed that her hair had become too sensitive to handle those products.

She knew she had to take a big step in changing her look. She went ahead and contacted the best hairdresser she knew.

Grundhoefer got in touch with Christopher Hopkins, who is famously known as The Makeover Guy.

She wanted to surprise everyone with a bolder and edgier hairstyle.

Grundhoefer arrived at Hopkins’ salon wearing a headband to cover her growing gray hair. Talking to Hopkins, she said she wanted to have a very short haircut.

The 41-year-old said she wanted to surprise all of her family and friends with her new look, saying she wanted it to be something completely unexpected and out of her character.

As Hopkins was about to chop off her hair, Grundhoefer confessed she was really nervous. Although, she said that the change was necessary.

When the entire process was finished, Grundhoefer came out looking completely different but in a very good way. She looked much younger despite the gray hair and she looked even edgier.

Her husband was also surprised to see her new look but he said it really suited her.

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