Enrique Iglesias breaks the silence on his twin babies for the first time, shares adorable photos

He hadn’t shared anything about the adorable infants for 12 weeks.

According to an article published by People, pop star Enrique Iglesias shared the news of his fatherhood with the audience at a concert in Budapest on March 11.

The 42-year-old singer and his partner Anna Kournikova welcomed twins on December 16 last year in Miami. They named the twins Nicholas and Lucy.

Although Iglesias and Kournikova shared pictures and videos of the twins on social media, the audience of the concert at the Budapest Sports Arena were thrilled to hear Iglesias open up to them directly.

Iglesias’ shoutout and the audience’s reaction was captured in a video made by one of the people in the crowd. In the video, he can be heard sharing how much he loved his children.

He also called out to his partner Kournikova and expressed his love for her.

And after blushing with joy while talking about his family, Iglesias remembered to thank the crowd for showing up to the concert and dedicated a performance to them.

The couple had first shared a glimpse of their babies only earlier this month and had never publicly spoken about it. In a video posted on social media, Iglesias can be seen repeatedly kissing a cheek of one of his twins.

In a different clip shared by Kournikova, she was similarly kissing the cheek of the other twin.

Iglesias and Kournikova have been together for 16 years, and their relationship has been through a lot of Iglesias’ professional ups and downs.

Part of the reason why their relationship has lasted long is their appreciation for each other. Iglesias had once spoken about Kournikova in a 2007 interview. He stated that someday, she would make a great mother.

He added that her being a wonderful mother was irrespective of whether he would still be with her or not.

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