Heather Locklear faces terrible news following her domestic violence arrest

One more arrest on a suspicious driving under influence followed soon after her arrest.

As reported in an article published by Entertainment Daily, actress Heather Locklear's boyfriend, Chris Heisser, was taken into custody by the traffic cops for drunk driving.

This took place hours after Locklear was arrested on domestic violence charges. Heisser was pulled over by California Highway Patrol when he was driving on a 101 Freeway.

The officers who were on duty on the freeway carried out their standard procedure to check Heisser's sobriety levels. The officers found out that his blood-alcohol levels were .19, which is about double the legally permitted value.

According to the standard protocol, Heisser was cited by the concerned officials before he was released from police custody.

Locklear was arrested hours before her boyfriend's arrest when her brother called up the authorities to notify that Locklear and Heisser had been having ugly and abusive fights creating domestic disturbances.

The police were quick to respond as they reached the residency of the couple and examined the situation. While discussing the confrontation with Heisser, the police found out a deep scar on his body.

Locklear was instantly taken into custody based on the scar. She was first evaluated at a local hospital before being taken to Ventura County Jail.

As per the official reports, Locklear was held in Ventura Jail from 1:03 a.m. She was granted bail on the same morning at 6 a.m.

The spokesman of the Sherrif, Captain Garo Kuredjian, revealed that Locklear was not co-operative when she was arrested.

The actress who starred in Melrose Place was charged with three counts of battery against the deputy of Sherrif and domestic violence. Her trial is scheduled at the Ventura County Superior Court on March 13.

Sources close to Learlock were cited in multiple reports on the internet when they revealed that she had been struggling with alcoholism for a very long time. Learlock was also advised to pursue rehab by her close friends. 

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