Wendy Williams cannot hold back tears as she addresses being back on TV amid health crisis

Williams is going through hard times after being diagnosed with Graves’ disease, and her frail condition has been evident while hosting her namesake show.

The March 19 episode of the Wendy Williams show was a very emotional one marking the return of the 53-year-old host Wendy Williams after been absent for three weeks due to her been suffering from Graves’ disease.

According to Inquisitr, Williams broke down in tears on various occasions during the episode that revolved around the TV host’s health problems and the especially difficult times she experienced on her three-week involuntary break.

After being substituted by guest co-host Jerry O’Connell during her leave, Williams reappeared visible emotional on March 19 to take her place once again on her signature purple chair for the Hot Topics segment of her show.

After a warm welcome from her live audience, Williams couldn’t help but let some tears out, touched by her spectator’s excitement for her return, and their great support to the celebrity when she needed it the most.

‘Thank you for missing me. Thank you for not replacing us, thank you for being here today,’ Williams said as a response to the standing ovation from the public present at the TV set.

Williams broke into tears once again some 20 minutes into the daily daytime talk show while discussing the support she received also from her staff at The Wendy Williams Show:

‘Thank you for understanding and being my special people. I do the show but there are hundreds of people who are the show, and they don’t get the credit they deserve. So, thank you to everyone,’ she said while wiping the tears from her eyes.

The host shared on the show all the medical tests she had to undergo during the three-week vacation ordered by her doctor. She said she even got a full brain scan that showed no signs of early Alzheimer’s.

Williams invited Dr. Oz to the show to further discuss her health issues in detail, and inevitably she was left in tears once again, as she thanked Oz and a group of other doctors for saving her life during her hiatus.

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