Beth Chapman's new 'after tumor-removal' picture faces a string of comments from fans

The 50-year-old reality televisions star and cancer survivor, Beth Chapman, shared a photo of herself five months after she beat the disease. 

On March 17, 2018, she uploaded a photo to Instagram and wished her followers a happy St. Patrick's day. She wore a black fur coat and hat and wore green eyeshadow to celebrate the day. 

As reported by Pop Culture, Chapman underwent surgery just five months ago, and fans were delighted to see how radiant she looked.

Her diagnosis was a very traumatic time for her family, especially her husband, Dog. He referred to Beth as his 'forever wife' and said he couldn't imagine a life without her. 

Chapman's fans also shared their well wishes and messages of support. Tina Leslie said that Beth looks wonderful while Rebecca Redmond was glad that she is doing better. 

Hailee Stokes thanked Chapman for being a 'gorgeous, powerful woman who I and many others look up to,' while Lisa remarked that Chapman is a 'beautiful woman inside and out.'

Chapman's experience was familiar to several of her 200,000 Instagram followers, as evident by Patricia's moving comment. She is also a cancer survivor. 

Patricia said that she underwent chemo and radiation treatment for cervical cancer. The cancerous cells had spread to her lymph nodes and abdominal area. 

She explained that it was hard for to receive radiation treatments five days a week, but added that her young son supported her by saying, 'Mamma, it's going to be okay.' 

A few fans also begged Chapman to return to television. Chapman and her husband appeared in a 2-hour special in November 2017, titled Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives. 

The episode followed Beth and Dog's journey through her cancer diagnosis and healing. The network hasn't confirmed when the next season of Dog The Bounty Hunter will be released. 

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