Teacher looks inside young girl’s backpack – gasps when she sees a dog inside

Teachers know that young children would do any kind of thing to attract attention or just to make themselves feel better during their time at the school.

While their mischievous actions might be frustrating and exhausting from time to time, some others might be fun and produce nothing but laughter. That’s exactly what happened to Bobbi Nabors, a school teacher.

Good Inside Us reported that on a common day, she did a backpack check right after the morning announcements. As soon as she opened the backpack of a young girl, she jumped back in fear.

After taking a few seconds to process what she saw, she did it once again and learned that the ‘frightening’ thing she saw was just a little puppy named Jake.

One of the most impressive aspects of the story was that he never barked or cried, which means that if Nabors wouldn’t have checked the girl’s bag, he would have stayed there the entire day.

When the teachers asked the girl about Jake, she said that her mother ‘must’ve put him in there.’ Nabors and the rest of the teachers couldn’t help but laugh at the clever reply they got from the girl.

They called the mother, who was as surprised as the teachers initially were because she couldn’t believe her daughter had managed to get away with ‘kidnapping’ the family dog.

While they were waiting for the mother to come pick Jake up, everybody in the school went to play with him. He became so popular that he is now the poster dog for the school’s upcoming book fair titled Paws for a Good Book.

The mother promised to take him back to the school again anytime soon. The surprising story was shared on social media and it became viral in no time.

Nowadays, it is not known if the girl has taken him to the school once again. The truth is that he brought joy to many students and teachers for a while.

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