Jim Bob Duggar allegedy inflicted physical punishment on son when he caught him in a sexual act

The Duggar family is one of a kind, which is why they got their own reality show.

There were two aspects that captured people’s attention: their strict religious beliefs and the number of children they welcomed. They have set clear that they are against any type of sexual activity before marriage.

Inquisitr revealed that they pay too much attention to it to ensure their children will be completely pure until they tie the knot. Jim Bob is so firm with that rule that he is willing to physically punish any of the children for breaking it.

That’s exactly what a crew member who worked with the Duggars said that happened when Jim Bob caught one of his sons masturbating. The name of the ‘sinner’ was not revealed.

While the family has not said anything regarding self-pleasure, they set clear that they were against it when Jim Bob tied his son’s hands together.

He did all that right after screaming so loud that all members of the crew rushed upstairs to see what was wrong. Once there, they heard that he said ‘idle hands are the devil’s plaything.'

The following day, the unnamed son was forced to do many chores. To make things more difficult for him, Jim Bob tied his hands again so tight that it was nearly impossible to do them.

Even though any member of the family has confirmed or denied the story, it is said that it would not be the only punishment the couple has done to their children.

After watching an old episode of 14 Kids and Pregnant Again, fans realized that Jim Bob and Michelle shaved Josh Duggar’s hair. According to them, it was right around the time the molestation scandal would have happened.

The harsh ways to educate their children might have been the reason Jana, the eldest Duggar daughter, had troubles to ‘love’ their family. She was even sent to a fundamentalist Christian ‘re-education’ camp and the love for her family returned.

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