Package thief encounters a huge homeowner on a front porch and cannot get out fast enough

A confident thief decided to steal someone’s packages from their front porch in broad daylight. But he didn’t anticipate the owner to be around.

In CCTV footage, we see the young man taking his time to grab the owner’s packages before taking them to his car. When he gets back to take the last items, he doesn’t expect what he sees according to All Cute All the Time.

In the video footage, a young man in jeans and sneakers can be seen walking up to a house in a quiet residential neighborhood. At the front of the house, there are a number of packages still on the doorstep.

He confidently grabs a couple of them and jogs back to his car with the intention of coming back for the rest. When he gets to the door for the second time he realizes that there is someone watching him from the front door.

Thinking he is cunning, he quickly decides on plan B. He rings the doorbell and, when the gigantic homeowner opens the door, he pretends to be lost and asks for directions to somewhere or information about something that can't be heard.

The big homeowner doesn’t buy his lies and quickly exits his house and starts walking menacingly toward the scared thief. The young thief makes a dash for his car with the victim close behind.

Off camera, we hear a couple of ‘thuds’ and the thief’s car squealing away. The homeowner then walks back into the frame, and we see that he has both of his stolen packages in his arms.

The big man strolls nonchalantly back to his house. In the voiceover, the man shared that he was able to get the license plate of the retreating vehicle and reported the crime to the police.

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