Katie Holmes is allegedly devastated as Jamie Foxx reportedly strays away from her with baby mama

Apr 04, 2018
06:55 A.M.
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- Rumors about the nature of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s relationship have come and gone throughout the past months, but the alleged couple has not addressed any of them directly.


- People have been assuming things about the actor’s lives since they were spotted together in Malibu late last year, and now, according to some media sites, their relationship, whatever that is, in a rocky situation.


According to what AmoMama gathered from a report in Radar Online, Katie Holmes might be getting the cold shoulder from her alleged beau as he has been seen out and about with his baby mama, Kristin Grannis.

Foxx is a father of two beautiful girls, Corinne, 23 and Annalise, 9; but the actor has always kept the identity of his baby mamas away from the spotlight, or at least has tried to.


A few months ago, a report from The Enquirer revealed the identity of Annalise’s mother, Kristin Grannis, even though Foxx and the woman kept their relationship hidden for almost nine years.

However, it seems like the truth finally coming out was a relief in some sense to the star, because weeks later he was photographed with the woman running some errands that were probably on their daughter’s best interests.


Holmes, however, was nowhere to be seen, so people have been speculating like crazy what does this situation means for the couple, even though some sources close to them have revealed to People magazine that they don’t have labels on their relationship and are only enjoying each other’s company.

Katie and Jamie have been caught out in several opportunities now, but they keep their contact pretty friendly, without showing any kind of PDA; they also attended together Dick Clark’s Oscar’s party and were seated together, looking comfortable with each other while they joked all night.


Now, some sources from Radar Online close to Holmes have revealed that the ‘Dawsons’ Creek’ actress is allegedly ‘devastated’ about Jamie spending time with the mother of his daughter, as she feels he’s straying away from her.

They said:

‘Katie’s friends believe she was the one trying to push their relationship, and it’s Jamie who likes to keep things covert. Everyone has been worried about Katie since the beach photos because Jamie has essentially vanished from her life, and now he’s been out with another woman!’


Now, considering that both Katie and Jamie have pretty tight schedules and that they also have their own kids to take care of, we believe is natural for them to be apart and not attached at the hip all day.

Besides, we only get to see, on a lucky day, a glimpse of their lives in a twenty-four hours day, where they can be meeting without anyone knowing.


Speculations and assumptions about the couple will keep on flooding the internet unless they finally decide to come forward and reveal the truth behind their relationship, even though they basically don’t owe us anything about their private lives.

Until then, we just want to wish the best for both of them, whether they’re officially together or no.

What do you think about this situation with Jamie, his baby mama, and Katie?

Source: Radar Online