Forbes names the highest paid country music women in the world. Guess who tops the ranking?

Apr 07, 2018
12:45 A.M.
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The iconic country singer made it to the cut of Forbes’ highest-paid artists in the industry.


Forbes is the world’s most trusted expert in wealth and business. The publication recently released its annual list of the richest superstars in the entertainment industry.

Country Rebel shared that the list revealed Dolly Parton as the highest-paid female country musician in the world for 2017.

Forbes releases their analysis of wealth among the people in the entertainment industry each year. They have listed the top-earning female musicians throughout all genres.

The top spot is taken by Beyoncé with the publication claiming that she had earned a total of $105 million.


Adele takes the second place as she had reportedly earned $69 million.

Taylor Swift ranked down to third place. She allegedly earned $44 million. Although she surpassed Parton’s spot on the list, she is no longer considered a country star since she has shifted genres.


The last three spots were taken by Celine Dion, having earned $42 million from her Las Vegas residency, Jennifer Lopez with $38 million from her new TV show, World of Dance, as well as her Las Vegas residency, and lastly, Parton takes the final spot with her earnings racking up to $37 million.

As for the male category, Garth Brooks takes the lead for the highest-paid country artist.

Parton has been in the industry since 1967 and she has certainly made a mark on the people, making her a household name.

She has won a number of awards from prestigious award-giving bodies.

Perhaps Parton’s most famous song up to date is Jolene, which has been sang by hundreds of artists all over the world.

She is now 72 years old and was born and raised in Tennessee. 

In a previous interview, she regards her father as her mentor in handling her business and her career.