Doctors believed 11-year-old girl is pregnant until they figured out her sad diagnosis results

Junie Sihlangu
Apr 09, 2018
09:17 A.M.
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A little girl named Cherish-Rose Lavelle has had to undergo an ordeal that no 11-year-old should ever face. Her stomach started growing abnormally over a period.


At the time her mother thought Lavelle was pregnant or had an eating disorder. According to American Web Media, doctors also misdiagnosed her as pregnant.

Lavelle complained about a lot of pain which led her mother to think that she was being bullied at school. Her personality even changed, and she became overweight.

Soon afterward her mother noticed that the little girl appeared to have a mass in her abdomen. She did not know what it could be.


Doctors accused the pre-teen of being pregnant and then put her through some tests to find out if they were right. Tests proved that Lavelle had a massive tumor that had grown quite big.

The little girl, who is a student in Queensland, Australia, had to be rushed to the Hervey Bay hospital after the misdiagnosis. The massive tumor weighed as much as 22 pounds.

“This is something I want parents to be aware of as I thought she was suffering an eating disorder from being bullied for being overweight. She suddenly lost 14-15kg, and I started to demand food into her because I was frightened and then when the pain started in her belly and back I was clueless.”


Cherish-Rose Lavelle’s mother, American Web Media, March 20, 2018

It was found to be growing on the pre-teen’s ovaries. Her mother had noticed that her daughter was behaving differently over the last few months.

Lavelle used to have a bubbly personality until things suddenly changed. The tumor proved to be cancerous and this was very rare for a girl Lavelle’s age.


“This morning she was bright and smiling, but right now she is very down,” her mother told the Daily Mail Australia. Her mother intended on selling her business shop so that she could spend time looking after her daughter in the hospital.

“When I was told she had cancer I couldn’t stop crying, it broke my heart. Now I’ve been told that it is curable I am so relieved,” she added.


Lavelle’s mother confessed that her life had changed and nothing else mattered to her anymore. Doctors will perform chemotherapy to shrink the enormous tumor.

Then, when she is ready, Lavelle will undergo surgery to have it removed. To add salt to the wound, Lavelle’s mother simultaneously learned that the manager of her shop was committing fraud.

She fired her and found herself short-staffed at the same time as she was dealing with her child’s problem.