Cashier shamed elderly woman for plastic bags. But she quickly found what to say

Apr 09, 2018
02:01 P.M.
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This story brings a new perspective to the conversation of conservation.


As described in an article published by Good Inside Us, an unnamed woman shut up a young cashier with her argument when he tried to lecture her on wasting plastic carry bags and other modern conservationism methods.

According to the story, an elderly woman waited her turn in the cashier line after picking up her groceries. When she reached the cashier, she was greeted by a young female cashier.

As the older woman began to check out her groceries, the cashier reminded her that using plastic carry bags was not an eco-friendly way to go in the current times.

She recommended the old lady to opt for reusable paper or cloth bags to avoid unnecessary wastage. At first, the elderly woman apologized for her choice and explained that she did not have the 'green' culture in her time.


The elderly woman thought that her apology would be enough but the cashier lashed out at her and said that despite the younger generation trying to save the environment, the older generation failed the cause by their behavior.


The customer did not take the accusation lightly and decided to give the young lady a piece of her mind by stating facts from her days.

She reminded that almost half a decade ago, people returned bottles of soda, milk or beer back to the store. These bottles were taken back to the manufacturer, cleaned, sterilized and reused.

This enabled the recirculation of the finite number of bottles and rarely added to the wastage, unlike the current scenario where people simply throw out things and expect some government department to take care of it.


She also mentioned that their generations saved brown paper bags by using it to cover school books so that it does not go to waste.

People also washed and reused children's diapers, unlike people who dispose of diapers after one use. The woman responded that her generation used the renewable energy of the sun and the wind to dry off their clothes.

She pointed out how the current generation depends on machines and electricity to cater the simple necessity of having to put on clean washed clothes.

The woman left the cashier almost speechless with a brief history of her times and left the store with her groceries.