Woman with 7344 CC breast implants admits she has 'taps' to top them up

Apr 09, 2018
02:49 P.M.
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The interview with the three women peered into the topic of human satisfaction in more ways than one.


As reported in an article published by Metro UK, Phillip Schoefield interviewed three women, Dolly, Lilly and Mary, on This Morning about the size of their breasts after undergoing severe breast augmentation procedures.

Schofield asked Dolly about the moment that she believed enhancing her breasts was the right option. Dolly acknowledged that despite having a size of 'C cups,' she had always wanted bigger breasts.

When the host pointed out that a C cup was already a higher size, Dolly added that her obsession with bigger breasts was more than most men. She loved the attention despite knowing that her breasts were not real.


Surprisingly, two of the three women in the interview confessed that they had an expander in their implants so that they could increase the size according to their wish at any time.

Dolly also pointed out that one of the safer ways to enhance one's breasts is to go to their surgeons once every month and gradually increasing the size until they have reached the preferred size.


The interviewer asked Dolly what her partner thought of her choice. She admitted that although her husband supported her decision, he believed that she should put her health first before everything else.

One of the guests, Lilly, who works as labor a delivery nurse, confessed that her augmented breasts were 7,344 CC each and her surgeon had provided her with ports that could fill up her breasts as and when she wanted.

She confessed to not having a definite goal with her breast size and constantly being unsatisfied with the size of her breasts. She admitted that she preferred having the option to tap her breasts as she liked them bigger.