Bill Cosby has reportedly been hiding secret love child from his wife for more than 3 decades

Apr 10, 2018
08:24 A.M.
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- We at AmoMama learned from 'Radar Online,' that Bill Cosby has allegedly been hiding his secret love child from his wife for over 3 decades.


 - According to the 'secret love child,' he knows nothing about him and demands a 'DNA test,' as he is dealing with other problems that he encountered previously, this 'love child' is completely a bombshell.

- The report goes that the 33-year-old Emon Waller from Florida is reportedly the alleged 'secret love child' of Bill Cosby with his glamorous employee Mary Waller. 


The report continued that Bill Cosby allegedly moved Mary and her son Emon into a $6 million Manhattan townhouse and provided the mother and son a ‘fat expense account.’

Now, the story is getting undesirably unpleasant as according to the source media outlet, and when Camille, Bill Cosby’s wife learned about the alleged affair, he reportedly ‘shamelessly claimed,’ as to how they put it, allegedly ‘embezzled the money for her massive salary and ritzy perks.


‘Radar’ continued to share that for how many years, Mary Waller received big amounts of payments on the first of every month.

Apparently, Emon Waller made a lifelong silence which he eventually confessed to his mother that he doesn’t know about his father’s true identity.


Emon Waller apparently said, and we quote.

‘I know nothing about him.’

He continued, and we quote it again below.

‘I’ve even asked relatives and they say,’ You need to talk to your mom!’


The alleged ‘secret love child’ works at ‘Best Buy’ in Naples Florida.

Withal, when he was asked if he wants the 80-year-old actor-comedian to take a ‘DNA’ test to prove his biological study which he ‘emphathetically confirmed, yes.’

What are your thoughts on this alleged 'secret love child' of Bill Cosby?

Is Emon Waller the alleged son of 'The Bill Cosby Show' star?

Source: Radar Online