Woman gave birth to a girl who’s almost as old as she is

Apr 13, 2018
02:04 P.M.
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With the miracle of science, humanity has received one of its most unimaginable gifts that surpasses the imagination of even the most creative minds. 


As reported in an article published by New York Post, a 26-year -old woman, Tina Gibson, from Tennessee gave birth to a baby girl, Emma Wren, via insemination of a frozen embryo on November 25, 2017.

The baby was miraculously developed from an embryo frozen over twenty-four years ago. It is the oldest known cryogenically frozen embryo to ever effectively cause a successful birth.

To keep things in perspective, the mother was only a year and a half herself when the egg was frozen. Gibson said that she could have been friends with the embryo if it was ever conceived into a child.


Gibson and her 33-year-old husband, Benjamin, couldn’t conceive their own child as he suffered from cystic fibrosis, that led to infertility.

They intended to adopt after learning about the National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, Gibson revealed. Gibson suggested Benjamin that they could submit an application for embryo adoption.

The couple did not waste any time and submitted an application the same night.

After getting an approval, they began to choose an embryo to be implanted in Gibson from over 300 profiles over two weeks.

The couple began to narrow down donors using their physical characteristics like height and weight to match their own. They had no clue that their ultimate selection had been frozen over twenty years.


The embryo hand-picked by the Gibsons had been frozen since October. 14, 1992. It was thawed in March 2017 before being implanted in Gibson.

It is believed to be the longest-frozen embryo to be able to give birth and survive, according to researchers at the University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library, as reported by CNN.

The previous record was held by a 20-year-old frozen embryo.