Teen rushed to hospital with pain. Doctors take off her pants and realized she's delivering

Apr 16, 2018
03:34 A.M.
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Although this story could seem to many like a joke, it is a reenactment from Untold Stories Of The ER and actually true.


While it could be considered impossible for a woman to go through a full pregnancy period without realizing, in reality it happens fairly often.

According to Little Things, this teenager had no idea she was pregnant until the very moment she delivered her little baby girl.

According to CBS News, the phenomenon is called cryptic pregnancy or pregnancy denial, and according to one British study, it occurs as often as 1 in 2,500 pregnancies.

She was completely shocked by the whole ordeal, but the face of her boyfriend, and the comment he made, was priceless.


Amber visited an emergency room complaining about the fact that she was suffering severe back pain. The doctors immediately cut Amber’s pants right off to be able to get to her faster.

Within just moments, her baby girl was right there, being born. After that, Amber’s father heard the baby and ran into the room and naturally he wasn't happy about this development. 


“Dad, I wasn’t pregnant. I couldn’t be!” Amber told her father.

Amber’s teenage boyfriend was sitting with his head in his hands and Dr. Clem went to speak with the teenage boy.

"But we only did it standing up. You can’t get pregnant like that," he said to the room.

It turned out that his brother told him that ridiculous thing as a joke. Unfortunately, it appears he wasn't listening much in sex ed class, or he would have realized his brother was talking rubbish. Now he has to be a father.

CBS News further explained this phenomenon, saying that there are a number of factors that may help explain how a woman could have no idea she's pregnant for a full 9 months.

Some of these include: accuracy of pregnancy home tests, overweight women might not notice weight gain, minimal pregnancy symptoms, irregular menstrual cycle, a passive fetus, effects of stress and denial, and psychiatric issues.