Has Prince William accidentally revealed the gender of his baby? It seems highly likely

Apr 16, 2018
07:52 P.M.
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The Prince made a joke about what he and his wife might name their new baby when he made a recent appearance at a soccer match. 


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant with her and husband Prince William's third child, and is just about due to give birth in the next few days. 

As reported by Meaww, the rumor mill about gender and names has gone into overdrive with just a few days left before the baby arrives. 

Much like with the baby's older siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, all bets are on as to what the baby's names will be. Prince William may have dropped a hint, but it may not be one anyone wants to take too seriously. 


The second in line to the throne made an appearance at a recent Aston Villa soccer match against Cardiff City.

One Cardiff fan described the reaction of fans to seeing the Prince in their midst. 

"It was a surreal thing to see at a Championship match. He took everyone by surprise , just walking through as he did. Everyone gave him a cheer. Then he turned round and gave a fist pump, which was a bit unexpected of him." 


The lifelong Aston Villa fan was delighted when Jack Grealish scored a goal for his side, securing them the win. 

Afterwards, the Prince could be heard telling fans that he would insist the baby be named Jack. And after a slight pause added: "or Jackie." 

While some have pounced on the Prince's slip, most don't believe it's worth reading anything into, as it is understood that William and Catherine themselves don't even know the gender of their youngest child. 


Aside from that, members of the royal family are confined to a very limited list of names from which they may choose for their brood, usually limited to those of royals before them. 

Bookmakers have the current favorite for a girl as Alice at 4-1 odds. Previous favorite Mary has now dropped to 9-2 odds. Philip, Victoria, and Arthur are other popular royal names that could make an appearance.