Hospital staff were freaked out by two pit bulls' actions after they wandered in

Apr 26, 2018
11:38 P.M.
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St. Luke’s Anderson Campus hospital's staff was left in shock when two pit bulls entered the front door. Their "friendly" behavior was surprising, to say the least.


According to FOX 29, employees at this local hospital went to Facebook to share a surprising moment that took place on Tuesday.

'St. Luke’s Anderson Campus is considered one of the most patient-friendly and patient accessible hospitals in the region. And pet-friendly? We had unexpected visitors at the Anderson Campus last week!' they captioned.

Two dogs freely walked into the pharmacy of Anderson's Medical Office Building, casually wandering the whole place.

According to LittleThings, the pharmacy’s security cameras caught the two pit bulls strolling into the facility as they shocked patients and employees alike, and the video went viral.


Later that day and with the help of the Bethlehem Township police department, the dogs were safely removed from the hospital.

'We are happy to report we were able to safely transport the dogs out of the hospital! The dogs enjoyed the accessibility and welcoming employees at St. Luke’s Anderson campus!' reads the post.

These dogs, named Emma and Nero, escaped from owner Kathy Tamasi before walking right into the building through the automatic sliding doors.

According to NBC 10, employees were taking turns petting and playing with the dogs during their time in the medical facility.

According to Uplifting Today, although pit bulls have a reputation for being wild and dangerous dogs, the video proves they can be friendly animals.

Tamasi thanked the St. Luke’s University Health Network using her Facebook profile for caring for her two animal 'escapees.'