Doting mother Pink shares an adorable photo of her son Jameson as he plays the piano

The singer puts her son's musical genes to the test in an amusing photo that has fans gushing over the adorable little boy. 

She’s been a believer of gender-neutral parenting and earlier this month Pink obliged her 17-month-old son Jameson as he experimented with a keyboard in a photo she shared on her Instagram.

The 36-year-old singer may have passed on her musically-inclined genes to her second child as he appeared to be in his element fidgeting with a keyboard and sporting a pair of headphones in his mother’s recent post that brought on the cuteness in her feeds. 

The adorable tot who stared at the camera while he pretended to play music delighted Pink’s followers who couldn’t help but gush over the cheeky boy who clearly imbibed his mother’s love for music. The photo Pink captioned “Maestro in Boston” earned a lot of compliments from the singer’s fans who thought Jameson was cute and precious.

Dressed in a pair of jeans and a tiger-print sweater, Jameson was also showing off a unique sense of style. 

The post came just shortly before the singer took the stage in Boston as part of her ‘Beautiful Trauma’ world tour. Prior to Boston, she was in Pittsburgh and New York entertaining a sold out crowd. 

The singer who’s also a mother to six-year-old Willow is married to Carey Hart.  Just recently, her husband since 2006 gushed over her as he posted a photo of Pink and their two children on the cover of People’s ‘The Beautiful Issue’ and expressed his pride over his wife. He wrote,

“I can tell you this, NO ONE works harder and deserves this more than my wife. This is a woman to busted her ass for the last 20 years and EARNED her success. And the fact that you are such a positive role model for the youth, makes me your biggest fan. I’m proud of you baby, you are beautiful inside and out.”

Pink has the most beautiful life and she certainly exudes that in every possible way.  

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