8 unnerving signs that your relationship is in trouble

Edduin Carvajal
May 09, 2018
08:15 A.M.
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There are couples who believe that their ‘love’ will last forever but they end up parting ways. Recent investigations identified 8 signs that suggest a relationship is in trouble.


According to Huffington Post, the research was carried out by marriage therapist and psychologists who talk to couples who want to strengthen their marriage on a daily basis. The signs they found are the following:

  1. They have contempt for one another

The Gottman Institute pointed out that any statement or non-verbal behavior made by a member of the relationship that belittles their partner was the best predictor of divorce.

Things like eye-rolling, name-calling, and dismissiveness should not be part of a healthy relationship but they are more common than people think.

  1. One partner was unfaithful and has not solved what led them to the affair

Psychotherapist Betsy Ross admitted that once a person decides to be unfaithful, it is very likely for them to do it again when times ‘get tough.’ The best thing to do is to identify why the ‘cheater’ became a cheater and solve that problem.

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  1. Power imbalance

Becky Whetstone, a marriage and family therapist, revealed that any major power discrepancy between the couple, including age, level of education, and money income, can cause problems in a relationship.

  1. They don’t remember the past fondly

According to Caroline Madden, a family therapist and author of How to Go from Soul Mates to Roommates in 10 Easy Steps, when a relationship is in good terms, couples love to tell their ‘how we met’ story.

If they don’t show any kind of emotion while telling that story, their relationship is likely to be over sooner rather than later.


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  1. Lack of honesty

Antonio Borrello, a Detroit-based psychologist, said that a clear sign of a troublesome relationship is when one partner feels the necessity to hide aspects of their life to the other.

  1. Unaddressed addiction problems

Ross confessed that changing an addictive behavior was difficult and that the ‘healthy’ partner can ask the other one to solve it before committing to them or saying ‘I do.’

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  1. One partner doesn’t post anything about the relationship on social media

Borrello added that couples tend to share with their friends and family on social media how happy they are with their partners. If that’s not happening, they have the right to ask why.

  1. One partner feels alone in the relationship

Borrello admitted that people feel lonely when they are not loved, accepted, respected, and appreciated by another person. Experiencing only one of the aforementioned aspects can lead to a divorce. The best thing to do in such cases is getting professional help.