Dash camera shows baby crawling across a busy freeway

May 10, 2018
01:52 A.M.
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If the driver had not paid attention, the story would have been a tragic one.



dashboard camera footage

captured a potentially dangerous scene on the highway. A toddler was seen crawling across a very busy highway in Quang Ninh, Vietnam, without anyone monitoring him. 

The video was posted on Viral Hog's Youtube channel on March 13, 2018. The footage showed the driver's view as he sped across the freeway at a considerable speed. The weather conditions were gloomy and it was drizzling.

Further, the driver noticed a big truck stationary on the freeway on the right side lane of the road. It is unusual for any kind of vehicle to stop on the road and that must have alerted the driver in the first place.


As the driver approached closer, he noticed an unsuspecting toddler crawling merrily across the freeway. The baby wore a red shirt and pink pants and maybe the bright colors alarmed the driver as he stopped his speeding car just in time.

The co-passenger got down first and approached the baby. The driver rushed out immediately to the rescue of the child. Before both of them reached the baby, a masked Samaritan jumped across to the side of the freeway.

The person had worn an all-black outfit and a dark green hat. The person's face wasn't visible because of a mask he had put on. The man held the baby and looked for the parents or guardians of the baby all around.


He then rushed towards the side of the road with the baby. It wasn't clear whether he spotted the baby's parents around. The driver and the co-passenger returned to the car and it seemed that the alarming feeling had subsided.

As the perplexed driver returned to his car, he pointed at the truck driver and gestured that he proved of no help. It was expected of the truck driver to get out and get hold of the baby before any other vehicle passed by them.

The road was wet due to rainwater and the result would have been catastrophic if things went slightly different.

For instance, the wheels could have skidded on the wet road, the brakes could have failed to stop the car instantly, or the driver would've failed to notice the baby altogether. 

Luckily for the innocent child, the car stopped immediately and a masked hero took the responsibility of taking the child to his parents.