Grandmother records the moment she tries a smartphone for the first time

Pedro Marrero
May 22, 2018
10:05 A.M.

An Arizona grandmother trying out her new smartphone for the first time is going viral after she accidentally started recording a video in selfie mode.


Adrienne Gutowski's flip phone was thrown out after she was gifted with a smartphone by her granddaughter this week. But the technologically-challenged grandma found her new phone was more complex than she wanted.

According to a Faith Tap report, Adrienne's granddaughter shared the video of her grandmother trying out the new phone. While turning on the phone, Gutowski accidentally turned on the camera and started recording.

“Apryl! Why did my phone turn into a mirror?” Grandma Adrienne said while she accidentally recorded her reaction. “I’m looking at my face and, oh my, look at all these wrinkles! You’ve got to be kidding me.” The moment is priceless.

In the video, Adrienne’s granddaughter, Apryl Gastelum, tried to explain what was happening, but they didn’t get very far in the tutorial. "You have it on selfie mode, grandma,” Apryl said. “A selfie? What the heck is a selfie?" Adrienne said.


The Oxford English Dictionary added “selfie” five years ago, which was probably right around the time poor sweet Adrienne figured out how to work her flip phone. “This is supposed to be a smartphone. It’s not that smart. I want my flip phone back!” She said.

The best part was that she was recording herself the whole time. It’s a really hilarious video. And even though getting used to the new phone was a learning process, it was something Grandma enjoys now.

Hey, if it makes her feel any better, Adrienne should know that most of us were confused when we made the jump to smartphones, too, and if you’re old enough to remember, we almost collapsed when switching typewriters to computers.

Since the family posted the video on Facebook, it has been shared thousands of times with users commenting on the grandma's adorable response.

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