Duchess Meghan had two emotional moments in the wedding carriage

May 25, 2018
10:43 P.M.
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Markle had two moments of pure joy and elation. Luckily, they were both caught on tape for us to witness.


As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's carriage procession continued, the newest member of the Royal Family had two beautiful moments of pure bliss.

A tweet from TV presenter Alex Beresford showed a video clip of Markle noticing her old drama teacher, Gigi Perreau, amid the crowd of supporters cheering the royal couple.

In the video clip, Markle gives an elated expression for a fraction of a second as she finds her teacher waving her from the crowd.

Beresford wrote in the tweet that Perreau managed to 'catch her eye in the crowd' only two seconds before he had asked her if she would even recognize her.


Not only did Markle recognize her old teacher, she also acknowledged her presence by giving away a surprised expression. Perreau later lovingly mocked Markle by showing how her mouth went wide open when their eyes met.

Another video clip was posted on Twitter by CBS This Morning, which showed the carriage procession toward its end. It was a moment when the grandness of the event would have dawned the most on Markle.


The video clip revealed her react to the moment with a hand to her chest and a shy smile, seemingly overwhelmed.

The TV presenter's voiceover stated, "That was the kind of moment you kind of wait for to see her reacting and kind of taking in that moment."

Twitter users quickly chipped in their opinion about the video clip. User BronsocgirlinCA termed it as 'truly a beautiful moment' and wished the royal couple a 'blessed marriage.'