Wanda Sykes lets loose with French wife Alex while jamming to Gloria Estefan's 'Wepa' in fun vid

Claudine Varela
Jun 08, 2018
02:20 P.M.

The funny woman showcases her dance moves while revealing a glimpse of her life at home with her wife.


Wanda Sykes is making the most of her time at home and she certainly lost a few calories recently when she channeled her inner Gloria Estefan dancing to the famous singer’s song ‘Wepa.’

The 54-year-old shared a video of her recent workout session which involved a whole lot of shaking to the jumpy tune of the Cuban-American singer’s 2011 track. Wanda was joined by her wife Alex Niedbalski who clapped to the beat in the background as her wife shook her head and sweated it out while repeatedly shouting “Wepa!”

Speaking to her followers in the clip, the comedian explained,

“This is what you do when you’re on the floor!”

While the actress entertained her fans in the clip, glimpses of her West Palm Beach home could be seen in the background. She appeared to be in their living room where a television was playing the video of Estefan’s song.


Wanda has been married to her French wife since 2008 and she admitted last year that there are downsides to having a bilingual family member. During her guesting on ‘Late Night with Seth Myers,’ she hilariously shared how her wife and her kids would sometimes speak in French really fast to conspire against her.

“I’m picking up little words, but I can tell when they’re about to pull something over on me because they speak fast and in a lower tone. So it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, you know le petit dejeuner, blah blah blah,’ and I’m like okay, I’m with you, breakfast. It’s Sunday so this must be brunch.”

Then she imitates her family rushing their French words before saying,

“Next thing you know, I’m sitting in the middle of a lake on a canoe!”

Wanda and Alex have two children, fraternal twins Olivia Lou and Lucas Claude who Alex gave birth to in 2009. The devoted mother admitted she would often take time off from her stand-up comedy gigs during the summer just to be able to spend time with them.


“Usually I try to take off during July and August, because the kids are out of school, to spend time with the family. And then September the tour starts back up, so I’m looking forward to getting back out on the road.”

She also confessed things changed once she had her children, especially when it comes to her work as a comedian.

“Dramatically. It’s changed drastically. I would just say that the topics have changed. Before, I would just talk about what’s going on in my life. Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening to me or around the world, and since the kids it’s still the same technique as far as I’m talking about what’s happening, but a lot of it is about the kids and the family, because they just take over everything, you know? I don’t really have the chance to sit down and go through articles and everything, the kids just take over.”

She added,

“If I’m talking about something current, a current issue or something political, it’s because I was able to read it when I was on the plane getting to the gig...a lot of it happens when I’m on the road because when I’m home, you’re just mom and that’s it. They don’t care; they don’t care about your job. ‘I wanna get in the pool!’”

Wanda was recently in the news after she bowed out of ‘Roseanne’ following Roseanne Barr’s recent racist remarks which prompted her producers to cancel the show.

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