Cyclists stop to save desperate bull trapped between tree trunks

Jun 11, 2018
01:39 A.M.
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A couple of cyclists turned saviors for a distressed bull who was trapped in a tree and was struggling for life.


The video was uploaded to YouTube by a channel named Pedal e Lama on March 31, 2016.

Two cyclists are on their way when they see a helpless animal stuck between tree trunks. The incident occurred in Nerópolis, Brazil.

The good Samaritans immediately got off their bikes to help the bull. The rescue operation lasts almost two minutes and the cyclists do their best to save the trapped animal.

The bull seems to be stuck there for a long time, with his legs hanging in the air and body twisted.

One look at the animal and it seems that it has given up all hope. It does not even budge when the two men approach the distressed being.


The cyclists begin their work even as the animal’s worried friend looks on. They are unable to get the head out easily.

They try hard but the head does not move at all. They look for anything that can assist them in getting the head out.


They try to move the bull’s body from behind the tree, but the animal is unable to move.

One of them climbs up on the fence, pulling the head, while the other gets behind the tree to do the same.

They are again unsuccessful in their attempt as the animal struggles with pain.

One man then suggests that they move the body of the animal in line with the head to make it easier for them to complete their job.

The two then pull the animal by its tail and adjust the body. They try again and this time they are able to get the bull’s head out of the tree with a little help with the animal itself.

It is then up on its feet and moves to join its friend, while the happy cyclists pick up their camera to continue on their way.