Tiny's daughter Zonnique Pullins greets biological dad on Father's Day amid T.I.'s cheating scandal

Claudine Varela
Jun 20, 2018
01:51 A.M.

She was raised by her stepfather since she was 5, but Zonnique Pullins posted a Father’s Day greeting for her biological dad instead, raising questions over her misdirected feelings for the man who once disowned her. Many wonder if this has something to do with the latest cheating scandal involving her stepfather.


Father’s Day weekend is important to Zonnique Pullins who has two fathers in her life. One raised her like his own, the other was biologically responsible for her but wasn’t around much. However, on the day celebrating dads, fans were surprised when the ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star devoted a whole post celebrating her biological father, Zonnie ‘Zebo’ Pullins. She shared a video with the man she referred to as her twin in her caption while proclaiming how crazy she is about him and vice versa. She wrote,

“Happy Father’s day to my crazy ass twin who I’m always gone act a fool about cause he do the same for me! love you daddy.”


Fans reacted to Zonnique’s post, wondering why she was gushing over her biological father when it was her stepdad T.I. who practically raised her. The rapper married Zonnique’s mother Tiny Harris when she was only five years old and has stood as her father ever since. One commenter wrote,

“Oh, but wasn’t you just fighting with him over T.I.? I’m so confused. I understand that’s your daddy but where is T.I. Post??? Regardless of what him and your mom got going on, you can’t neglect the fact he took care of you and set you up for an opportunity to make money for the rest of your life. I love you girl but you need to acknowledge T.I. too cause he helped you a lot financially.”

Another wrote,

“You better give T.I. some mf credit.”


However, many also believed fans’ negative reactions were misguided knowing full well Zonnique greeted T.I. on Father’s Day as well. She gave a shout out to her stepfather along with her grandfather on an Instagram story earlier in the day making it clear she didn’t forget.

Meanwhile, fans also wondered why Zonnique was singing praises to Zebo after he disowned her two years ago. Caught in the middle of a public squabble between her mother and Zebo’s wife Cheryl Redmond Pullins, she ended up defending her mother against her stepmom, prompting her father to retaliate. According to reports, he asked Zonnique to get rid of his number and never speak to him again.


If Zonnique was able to look past that based on her latest post, many wonder if she also forgave T.I. for the latest cheating scandal he subjected her mother to. A video footage has been going viral showing the rapper slapping another woman’s butt which left Tiny humiliated. Though Tiny has been through this road before and forgiven T.I. every time, it raises questions on whether her daughter has laid a grudge on the man this time. And if so, could this be the reason she only devoted a fleeting Instagram story for him and not a more permanent post.

When Zonnique turned 21 last year, T.I. wrote a touching message for the young adult expressing his bittersweet feelings towards her milestone. He looked back at the days when Zonnique couldn’t even scoop ice cream on her own while facing the painful truth that his baby is no longer one. It was clear T.I. held a special place for Zonnique in his heart like any true father would.

With the controversy surrounding T.I. today, Zonnique can look back to this post to see what a wonderful father T.I. is despite his many flaws.

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