Father breaks down in tears as daughter fulfills his decades-long dream (video)

Jun 22, 2018
01:36 A.M.
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A loving daughter named Stephanie Harmen gifted her father his 1936 Ford which was sold to pay for her seminary. 


In a video that Stephanie Harmen posted on her YouTube channel, she shared the story behind her father's old favorite car, the journey of finding and restoring it before gifting it back to him as a surprise.

Stephanie Harmen's father was known to love his car, a 1936 two-door Ford Sedan, that he restored when he was just 16 years old.

He was known to take this car to various car shows around the country and won the first place multiple times. He took meticulous care of it and had affectionately named it Randy. 

Over the years, Harmen's father started a family and times got tough. In 1993, he had to make a rather difficult decision and sell Randy, in order to pay for his daughter's seminary. He wanted to fulfill his daughter's dream and nothing took priority over that. 


Harmen shared that, as a child, she always heard her father narrate fond memories of the car. The hardworking father also expressed that he hoped to find it and buy it again someday.

Almost 20 years later, Stephanie began the search for her dad's 1936 Ford Sedan. She was happy to make her father's dream her own.


After spending a good couple of months researching, tracking and enquiring, she was finally able to track it down. Soon, she made the arrangements to purchase it and stored it without the knowledge of her father.

Fortunately, the car had been looked after well and the Harmen family was able to pool in the funds necessary to have it transported it to their home. 

Harmen's mother was also in on the big secret and helped her daughter plan and execute the surprise. In Harmen's view, the hassle-free experience of finding the car, buying it and having it brought home was a blessing from God.

In the video, Harmen's father is seen expressing disbelief before crying tears of joy upon seeing his century-old car. 

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