Fast food worker breaks rules to help little boy (video)

Fast food worker Travis Sattler was recorded on camera showing an act of kindness toward a little boy who came up to him with an unusual request.

A video uploaded to YouTube by USA Today showed Sattler explaining how the boy approached him and asked for the dessert, the 'Oreo custard.'

Sattler told that the boy looked a little nervous about not having enough money, so he handed Sattler everything he had got.

However, the boy was still $2 short for buying the dessert. Sattler didn't want to leave the little boy hanging so he decided to pay the remaining amount from his own credit card

Sattler said in the video that his gesture brought the "biggest eyes and the widest smile" in the young boy. He enjoyed helping the boy get his treat of the frozen custard.

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Sattler was happy about helping the boy and it would have made his day all by itself. But now it was the young boy's turn to return Sattler the favor, and he decided to do something more for Sattler, who had shown unique kindness toward him.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

So, half an hour later, while leaving the restaurant along with his mother, the little boy left a note for Sattler.

Inside the note was a clear message of heartfelt gratitude: 'Thank you for being so nice and paying ... We need more people like you.' The boy even drew a smiley face in his own childlike manner.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Additionally, wrapped up inside the note was another $100 bill, which Sattler never imagined would be coming his way.

It was now Sattler's turn to smile. "I was smiling for the rest of the day. I could not get over it. It made my day."

He then concluded by stating that he was happy about making an impact on someone else's day and brightening them up a little.

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