July 07, 2018

Donald Trump's son shares bizarre Instagram picture of his dad on 4th of July

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The 41-year-old Donald Trump Jr. took to social media and shared pop culture artwork and images featuring the President of the United States.

The first image he shared depicted the President as the Internet star, Salt Bae. Instead of salt, the representation of the President is 'sprinkling' red, blue and white stars while striking the iconic pose. 

Trump Jr. wrote in the caption that it is 'newly discovered footage of Freedom Bae' instead, and added that his father is sprinkling 'a bit of freedom for all of us to enjoy.' 

While many of his followers commended him for the hilarity, others wanted to know if 'all of us' includes the children currently detained in migrant centers. Read more on our Twitter @amomama_usa.



The second image he uploaded showed President Trump holding a gun and an eagle while standing on a burning wreckage with the flag waving in the background.

Apart from sharing memes on social media, Page Six also reported that Trump Jr. introduced his girlfriend of 2 months, 49-year-old Kimberly Guilfoyle, to the First Family. 

The couple dropped by the White House for Fourth of July celebrations and once again documented the trip on Instagram. 


Trump Jr. wished all American citizens a happy 4th of July and added that it was 'great meeting all the veterans and active duty service members.' 

Guilfoyle also shared the photos, in which she can be seen wearing an elegant black dress with red high heels. 

The Fox Five co-host said it was 'an incredible afternoon at the White House,' and added that she is proud to be American. 'God bless all our troops & God keep our nation safe.'

Donald Jr. announced back in March that he and his first wife Vanessa would be parting ways. The reason for divorce was not made public.  

However, Donald cheated on Vanessa in the past, but the couple said they parted on good terms and will remain friends. Donald Jr. and Guilfoyle had been dating for two months.