Mom amazed daughter with crazy dance moves (video)

A mother stunned her daughter and won hearts on the internet with her fantastic hip-hop routine during a dance convention.

Noelle Miner shared the video of her mother dancing at DDI dance convention on YouTube on October 3, 2016.

It is common for children not to realize that their parents had a life very much like theirs while growing up. 

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They fail to perceive that parents had fun with friends, danced at parties, did silly stuff and wasted their time like every other teenager.

The younger generation sometimes views parents as people who were dull and uncool, not capable of having fun.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

A young girl realized this when she saw her mother perfect a hip-hop dance routine at a dance convention. Noelle Miner learned a truth about her mother’s incredible dancing skills.

Thankfully, Noelle captured the performance on camera and decided to share it with the world. A group of middle-aged women and men performed in front of an encouraging crowd.

Just before the performance began, Noelle says she can finally find out if her mother her could dance or not.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

As soon as the music starts, Noelle's mother does not wait for anyone. She launches off into the routine like a pro. 

As her mother moves to the beat of the hip-hop music, Noelle gets a peek into what her mother would have been like before she came along. 

The dancers throw themselves into the performance, perfectly implementing the choreographed moves, shocking Noelle and the other children.

They move the performance up a notch after a few seconds into the music which brings cheers from the audience. One of the teens screams, “She's my inspiration,” referring to her mother. 

To Noelle's surprise, her mother executes each dance move with complete accuracy.

It is safe to say that the youngster looks at her mother with an entirely different perspective especially after the incredible performance.

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