TMZ: Famous musician reportedly hospitalized after being kidnapped and pistol whipped

The 22-year-old rapper Danial Hernandez, also known as 6ix9ine and Tekashi69, was admitted to hospital after being kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint.

As reported by TMZ, Hernandez left his Brooklyn recording studio at approximately 4 am on Sunday morning, where he was working on his latest music video. 

While stopping at a red light, a vehicle bumped into them, and two assailants stole the driver's phone and dragged the rapper into their car before speeding off. 

The robbers went to his home and threatened him with death if they didn't get what they were looking for. Read more on our Twitter, @amomama_usa. 

They ordered his girlfriend to bring all the jewelry and cash from inside. His girlfriend and daughter didn't sustain any injuries during the robbery. 

The robbers fled in the car and Hernandez managed to escape. He refused to divulge any other information and checked himself into a hospital.

According to TMZ, he told a different version to his friends. They contacted the outlet, and their series of events does not corroborate with what Hernandez told authorities. 

In the second version, Hernandez drove to his home, where a vehicle pulled into the driveway behind him and blocked the exit. 

Three hooded men dragged him out of his vehicle and physically assaulted him. When he regained consciousness, he was in the back seat of their car.

In this version, one of the gunmen stayed with him in the car, while the other two entered the house and stole approximately  $750,000 worth of jewelry and $20,000 in cash. 

He then managed to escape by jumping from a moving vehicle and stopped a stranger for help. Hernandez called 911, and the stranger asked him to exit at the nearest intersection where he waited for the ambulance. 

The story is still developing, and authorities are investigating. According to Independent, the MC released a new track with Nicki Minaj earlier this week, called FEFE

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